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We have similar tastes in music and activities. David is sweet and easygoing and I like that. I thought this was a good match. I hope to see him again. ~Karen

Jeff & Tamara

I am being cautiously optimistic with Jeff. I have to say though I am glad I took your advice and went a bit beyond my boundaries with what I was looking for (or so I thought) for a potential partner. As

Kathleen & Gregg

Pittsburgh Singles

Here is a picture of us on our wedding day. Thank you Pittsburgh Singles for introducing us. ~Kathleen & Gregg

Tony & Linda

I just wanted to let you know that I met Tony. He was a joy to be around and very nice. I would like to go out again with him. Thank you. ~Linda

Tony & Shannon

Pittsburgh Singles

You have recently sent my a referral to a woman named Shanon. She is very intelligent quick witted and good looking. She is self confident athletic and just a lot of fun to be with. She is a technical person  who

Bill & Shirley

Best one you ever gave me. Shirley is the right one for me. Being with Shirley is the best time I have had in the last 27 years. Thank you very much. ~Bill


It was a very good pick, we enjoyed each others company and we are meeting again. She is a Girly Girl, I like that too! We laughed the whole time, great day, and meeting again. So good job on this

Michael & Theresa

Michael and I have been seeing each other since November 2010.  I don’t have a picture but when I get one I will send it to you. I would like to be put on hold. He was a good match for me.We have been seeing each other since the day we met.  Everything is going

Sean & Shannon

Pittsburgh Singles

Very compatible, morals, values, conversation, respect, honesty, activities. I feel you connected us to a T on this match, her and I talked and we would like to just date each other only for no. Shannon, is such a beautiful woman inside and