Dating Over 40 with Pittsburgh Matchmakers

Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles reveal insightful dating tips for singles over 40!

The successful Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles have been asked to write a publication about how to successfully date after 40.  You’ve been single for a while now and you would like to achieve a healthy relationship, but how do you do that?  Women reentering the dating world after being absent for a while first need to examine themselves to figure out if they’re ready to date again.  After all, there is a huge possibility of being swept away by Prince Charming, but there is also a chance of being swept away by Mr. Player.  In this article you will find some helpful advice on how to ensure your dating experience after 40 is a good one.

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Look at Your Expectations

Although you might want a tall, handsome, loving, successful man, very few men in their 40’s are looking like that.  Usually by that age, most men will have some kind of receding hair line, some no hair at all—add the baggage from their previous relationships or even marriages, their kids needing help with homework or even loans for school and some less than okay housekeeping habits, you’re left with the less than perfect men.  Pittsburgh matchmakers suggest you know the things you can live with and can’t live without.  Remember that no one is perfect.  He might leave his socks or wet towels laying on the floor, but if everything else is okay, then don’t you think that’s something you can tolerate?  However, if he’s over 40 and still living at home with his parents because he thinks he will be the next big hit on MTV, that’s not. 

Have Yourself Some Courage

It takes courage to get yourself all done up and meet someone out for a first date.  There’s always the possibility he will leave when he tells you he’s going to the bathroom if he doesn’t find you attractive, but going out on a first date says a lot about you.  Just remember that even when you do go out on a bunch of dates, most of them aren’t going to be what you expect.  So do have courage and keep going back out there until you finally land the man you’ve been searching for your whole life.

Examine Your Assets

If you haven’t dated someone for a while it’s easy for you to think too hard about yourself and even ask yourself who in the world would find you attractive.  But remember that every person sees someone differently, what’s attractive for one might not be attractive for another, reminds Pittsburgh matchmakers.  A lot of people would prefer a nice smile over tones legs, others will like the opposite.  So figure out what your assets are and address them.  You can even get a makeover if you want to—it’s all about how you feel that will make you a better dater.

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Be Mature about It

One of the most important tips you need to remember when dating in your 40’s is that you need to be mature.  Ladies, you are a bit older now and you’re looking for a mature relationship so you should act like it, just like he should.  This isn’t dating in high school or college anymore, this is now the time to get serious.  However, that does not mean you cannot flirt and have fun, but you shouldn’t play dating games. 

Take Things Slow

When you are relearning how to date in your 40’s, it’s important that you realize now is the time to take things slow.  You don’t want to rush a new relationship and rush into getting married again.  That will not be the smart move.  Remember that by taking things slower you are giving the relationship more time to develop—plus, you will really get to know each other better. 

Not Every Date Will Be the Right One

The first few dates you go on with someone new will be nerve-wracking.  You’re wondering if you’ll have a connection, what if he doesn’t like you, what if he tries to kiss you?  But don’t worry, the Pittsburgh matchmakers know that anxiety will soon go away.  Remember, in order to have a successful date you need to keep it short; ideally just go out for a cup of coffee.  You don’t want to waste your time and his.

Never Settle

When you are reentering the dating world in your 40’s, the first relationship might make you feel comfortable, and it could make you believe that you have found the one, but you do want to remember one thing, and that’s never to settle.  Why settle for Mr. Now when Mr. Perfect for You is waiting around the corner?  Never ever settle. 

Agree to Go on a Second Date

First dates are full of anxiety and many times people don’t act their best, but the Pittsburgh matchmakers want you to know that a connection and love can grow over time if you give it a chance.  So if he wasn’t a bad person and didn’t have any major deal breakers, agree to give him another chance…  That way you can get to know him better. 

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Keep an Eye on Your Own Baggage

Remember all the baggage you have from your previous relationships?  Well, never bring it to your dates.  You might be clinging to your divorce or even a bad relationship, but try to let it go.  Your new date doesn’t want to hear about it. 

Don’t Be Angry

Just because your marriage came to an end or you were dumped by a past boyfriend doesn’t mean that every single man you meet is going to be a jerk like them.  You are going to have to let go of that mentality.  If you’re able to let go of anger, you’ll definitely have a better experience in the dating world.

Always Be a Lady

Finally, the last tip for dating in your 40’s.  You are completely capable of taking care of yourself and might have been single for a while, but that doesn’t mean you need to have that “I don’t need a man” type of attitude.  Be open to dating and let a man enter your life. 

If you’re looking to meet quality men contact the Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles to set up your consultation today.  With Pittsburgh Singles you’ll only meet commitment-minded men who are looking for the same thing out of dating as you are—settling down. 

What are you waiting for?  Make that call today!

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