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Today, the Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will review a few things you should never mention about your ex.

Though some breakups are mutual, most of them end up in a bitter way.  When relationships come to an end on bad terms, both parties are bound to be angry and bitter—and carry a lot of frustration.  Even though time has gone by, you probably still have some angry feelings towards your ex; however, the Monroeville dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles encourage you to leave the past where it belongs.  They’ll reveal a few things you should saying about your ex. 

Today, Monroeville dating experts will review a few things you should never, ever say about your ex.

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That You Will Give Them a Chance

Talking about getting back together with your ex can create many problems for you.  For one, it will not allow you to fully move on, especially when you know that getting back together isn’t a possibility.  Speaking of wanting to date this person again will also cause problems if they have already moved on and are involved with another partner.

All Their Secrets

We all have secrets and skeletons we like to keep hidden, and if you were dating someone long enough, it’s likely they have shared their secrets with you.  However, these secrets are supposed to be kept in secret.  Just because the two of you are no longer involved in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to go around sharing all of your ex’s secrets.  How would you feel if they did the same to you?

Their Bad Habits

Maybe your ex wasn’t the cleanest or most organized person in the world or maybe there were times they were not the best partner, whatever their flaws might be, there is no point in going around making fun of them.  Mentioning your ex’s flaws will not only damage their reputation, but it will make you look like you’re holding onto bitterness.

Their Money Problems

Not all people are born with a lot of money and just because your partner wasn’t able to spoil you the way you had hoped for and buy you the most luxurious gifts, doesn’t mean they were a bad partner.  Talking about how little money your ex had makes you look like quite shallow—and that’s not something anyone wants to be around in the dating world, warns Monroeville dating experts. 

They Stunk in Bed

If you get involved in the topic of sex, the last thing you want to do is mention that your ex wasn’t any good.  Not only do you make yourself look shallow, but it also makes you look like you’re still angry with your ex, explains Monroeville dating experts.  Remember, there is no need to trash them by going into every single detail of your bedroom activities.

It’s Done

At the end of the day, as much as you hope for the end of your relationship to be simple, you know things are not going to be that easy.  Don’t make it out like you were perfect and you’re the happiest you have ever been.  Doing so can be deceiving, and the one you’re hurting the most is yourself.  Don’t try to act like you’re invincible after your breakup because everyone knows it doesn’t work out that way.  It’s important you acknowledge the hurt and pain you feel inside in order for you to heal and move on, explains Monroeville dating experts.

Asking Questions about Who They’re Dating

If you want to finally forget about your ex, the last thing you want to do is ask round to see who they’re dating.  While you might see that they have moved on into another relationship on your Facebook Wall, you shouldn’t be inquiring about it, nor trashing talking it.  Let it go and move on with your own life.  (Your ex should no longer be on your Facebook friends list to begin with—not if you truly want to heal and move on).

It Was Their Fault

After a relationship comes to an end and the breakup is final, the wound will still be fresh… and because of it, there will be a need to start pointing fingers at each other.  Though your ex might be to blame for the breakup, there is no need for you to point finger at them.  Once again, let it go and move on.

That Your Parents Like Them & Vice Versa

This is especially true when you are in a new relationship.  One thing you don’t want to tell your new partner is how much your parents used to like the person you dated.  This will put a lot of pressure on your new partner and at the end of the day, there is no point in making comparisons, explains Monroeville dating experts—that’s a good way to get off to a bad start.

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That You Disliked Their Family

When you are dating someone it’s really about you and the person you’re dating; however, family, friends, and acquaintances all get thrown into the mix sometimes.  But with more people involved, it’s difficult to get along.  So if this was the case for you, there is no need to talk trash about their family.  Keep their family and friends in the past—their parents did not cause the breakup, the breakup was between you and your ex.

You Regret Dating Them

When you say you regret dating your ex, you’re lying.  The truth is, you might actually regret that it came to an end.  Instead of saying those words, why don’t you take a step back and realize you have learned valuable lessons from your failed relationship.  If the relationship was as bad as you said it was and you regret dating them, why did you stay as long as you stayed?  

That You Still Have Feelings for Them

Even though you might still have a little lingering feeling for your ex, focusing on those emotions is not going to allow you to move on and heal from your breakup, explains Monroeville dating experts.  It is normal to have lingering feelings but don’t spend all your time dwelling on those feelings.  You need to do things to keep yourself distracted—enjoy your own hobbies and activities and even hang out with friends.

If you’re completely healed from your breakup and ready to get back in the dating scene, contact the Monroeville dating experts today.  With Pittsburgh Singles, you’ll only meet quality singles who fit your dating and relationship criteria.

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