Dating Service in Pittsburgh Reviews the Importance of Good Manners in a Relationship

Do you want to keep your relationship strong even after that new phase stage fades away?  Today, our Pittsburgh dating experts here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will review the importance of good manners in your relationship, no matter what stage you’re in.

There are many good reasons why your parents taught you to have manners… And, no, it wasn’t to embarrass you in public.  That’s right, your parents knew something about relationships and how important it is to have good manners.

Let us give you an example here.  Have you ever watched an older couple interact and notice how polite they are to each other?  Well, that is the reason why their relationship has been successful for so many years.  Good manners are essential for a long and healthy relationship, and today, our Pittsburgh dating experts here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will explain why.  If you’ve been slacking with your manners, it’s time to change your act.


1. You Will Respect for Each Other

One common problem in new relationships is that people don’t have respect for each other, and it’s often not caused from the outside.  Often, people lose respect for each other because they get too comfortable in a relationship.  They test each other’s boundaries on what’s okay and what isn’t.

Ladies, have you ever been involved with a man who was polite with you during the early stages of a relationship but then as things moved along he became different?  He began burping at the dinner table or putting you down in front of your friends.  Guys, have you ever been involved with a woman who was sweet, generous, and always sure to thank you for opening doors in the beginning, but all that slowly faded away?  Well, what happened in these situations was that they stopped using their manners, which means they got too comfortable in the relationship and stopped caring what you think.  If there is one thing our Pittsburgh dating experts know for sure, it’s that good manners are essential in a long lasting relationship.

2. You Will Appreciate Each Other

Another good reason why good manners are essential to a relationship is because it will help you continue to appreciate each other.  When you and your partner continue to say, “Please” and “Thank you” on a normal basis, you show each other that you appreciate one another.  When your partner opens the door for you, he’s showing you that he appreciates you for the lady you are.  When you say thank you in return, you’re showing him you’re a true lady who appreciates the little acts he does for you.  Appreciation will go a long way in a relationship.

3. You Will Always Be Kind to Each Other

Have you ever noticed those couples who are constantly arguing with each other?  Maybe one says something rude to the other and the fight escalates to another level?  That’s another reason why manners are important to a relationship.

It is difficult to be nice and kind to someone who doesn’t respect you, and when you have bad manners, there is nothing to respect.  In other words, you can’t be nice to someone who is cruel or crude; it’s impossible.

4. It Stops Little Arguments

When you notice a couple arguing over little things, do you feel embarrassed for them?  If they are able to behave like that in public, who knows what is going on behind closed doors.  It’s very uncomfortable to watch them fight, to say the least.

However, those small arguments that happen behind closed doors are also undoubtedly uncomfortable and they likely happen often for them.  One of the biggest complaints women have about their partners is that they don’t appreciate them.  If a man could give them a simple thank you for cleaning the house or doing the dishes, it would go a long way in the relationship.  And if women would take notice to her partner taking the garbage out without being asked, he would feel appreciated and do it more often, in turn, less arguments. Without manners, women and men feel underappreciated by their partners, and our Pittsburgh dating experts know it’s that lack of appreciation that starts arguments.

Another problem is that those small deeds show good manners (such as doing the dishes without being asked to or cleaning the house every weekend) and if they’re not being appreciated, it can build up a level of stress.  If one person feels they’re the ones taking on all the burdens in the relationship, there will be resentment, and when that happens, arguments happen.


5. You Will Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Why do you think that old sitcoms used to be known as wholesome?  It’s because they set a good example for children.  Now, let’s look at it from a child’s point of view for just one second.  Now, even if you don’t have children, bear it in mind because eventually you will and this information will be useful for you.

Children learn from what they see, they also learn from what they experience.  Many kids spend countless hours in front of the TV and whatever they watch will have a huge influence on them.

If your children grow up watching the Jersey Shore or 16 and Pregnant, what do you think they will learn about relationships?  Nothing, nothing good anyway.  More importantly, if your kids see you behave that way, they will think it’s normal and they will grow up to be the same exact way.  When you and your partner are polite to each other, you’re teaching each other that being polite and showing manners is the right way to behave.  The way you behave in front of your children is the way they will eventually behave with their own partner down the road.  If you want your kids to be in a happy relationship, why would you want to show them a bad relationship?  This is the time to get your act together and teach your children how you want them to be.

6. Good Manners Are Classy

Good manners are not just to show off when you go to a family get together, you can show off in front of your friends too.  Have you ever invited a couple over for a few drinks and noticed they got into an argument?  Didn’t it make you feel awkward?  If someone invites you, do them a favor and never behave that way.  Use your manners and behave politely in front of everyone.  This will not only have people inviting you to future parties, but it will show everyone that your relationship is a mature one.

If you’re currently single and looking for a long lasting and meaningful relationship, contact our matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service today.

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