Elite Pittsburgh Matchmaking Agency Exposes How Relationships Get Ruined

Drop what you’re doing! Pittsburgh’s top matchmaking agency, Pittsburgh Singles, is about how you could be sabotaging your own relationship!

Once the whole excitement of a new relationship wears off, you are left figuring out how to keep things happy for the two of you; however, as silly as it sounds, when two people are involved in a stable relationship, they tend to do and say things that end up doing the complete opposite—sabotaging the relationship.  Little by little, without knowing it, you could be chipping away at the foundation of your new relationship. 

Today, the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review how you could be ruining your own relationship.


Comparing Your Relationship to Others

No two relationships in the world will ever be the same.  Each relationship is unique and no two of them will be like cookie cutters; therefore, there is no need for you to compare your relationship to ones in the past or to those of your friends.  Your partner doesn’t deserve to be judged, and as soon as that happens, your partner may decide to pull back or walk away.

Not Thinking Before a Word Comes Out of Your Mouth

While you might not think your words hurt, they do.  If you are one of those partners who blurts out thoughtless words, you will be doing more harm than good in your relationship, warns Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  Words that come out without thinking can definitely sabotage your relationships—these words will stick in your partner’s mind all the time.

Letting Insecurities Guide You

We all have insecurities and each day it’s important we try to fix them.  Insecurities can only become a problem to your relationship when you allow them to.  If you think you need to lose weight or get in shape, don’t let that get in the way of your sex life.  If you don’t think you’re good at expressing your feelings, don’t let it stop communication in your relationship altogether.  Work on your insecurities, but don’t let them affect your relationship.

Not Being Able to Speak Your Mind

Relationships and open-communication go hand in hand.  All relationships are bound to have arguments, but it’s important how you handle those arguments.  You need to be able to speak your mind, because if you don’t talk about everything you’ll end up keeping it bottled up inside causing all types of grudges. 

Spending Too Much Time Together

When a relationship is brand new, it’s hard not to spend too much time together, and as nice as it might be to spend all day with your partner, spending too much time together has its downfalls, warns Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  You and your partner may end up feeling suffocated, and later down the road you might realize you both lost all your friends because you spend too much time together.   After dating for a while, be sure you go back to your old social lives—spend time with your friends and let your partner spend time with theirs. 

Constantly Picking at Your Partner

Everyone has flaws, bad habits, and annoying tendencies, you included, but no matter how angry you are at your partner, one of the worst things you can do is point out their flaws and poke fun at them, warns Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  You and your partner should be able to be vulnerable around each other without having to worry about one another poking fun.  Instead of hitting your partner where it hurts, find a better way to communicate your anger. 

Accepting Everything

Accepting and understanding is essential to a relationship, but there comes a time when you can actually become too accepting.  All relationships need to have boundaries and when the boundaries are crossed, the problem must be addressed.  But if you are one of those people who believes every problem was an honest mistake, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.  Being too nice to your partner can lead to letting them walk all over you, warns Pittsburgh matchmaking experts. 

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Falling into Boring Routines

Mundane doesn’t go well with relationships.  As time passes and you and your partner start falling into a routine or rut, it’s easy for things to become boring.  Mundane leads to boring relationships, which then leads to unhappy partners.  Though you could be happy as a clam with your boring routine, your partner might not be.  Don’t let boredom be the reason you break up.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit and become more spontaneous.

Having High Expectations

Relationships are not like the movies, love songs, or fairy-tales.  And while you might not like to admit it, you could have unrealistic expectations when it comes to you relationship.  The fact is, no relationship will ever be perfect and by having unrealistic expectations you’re only setting yourself up for failure.  When you set high expectations for your relationship and they are not met, you will be knocked down. 

Carrying Baggage

Everyone has baggage, which is acceptable, however, when you are constantly carrying your baggage from relationship to relationship, that’s when the problem happens.  If you are unable to put your baggage behind, you will create all sorts of problems to your relationship, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  Though you might not be doing it intentionally, you are definitely causing damage to your relationship.  Leave your baggage in the past.

Keeping Scores

A successful relationship is all about finding a happy medium, but if you are one of those people who instead of letting things flow, likes to keep a tally, then you are certainly putting strain on your relationship.  When you keep a score of who does what and when, it’s a clear sign you are damaging your relationship.

Focusing on the Things Your Partner Doesn’t Do

This one, again, goes back to comparing relationships.  Maybe your partner doesn’t put their dirty clothes in the hamper, maybe they’re not the type to take their dishes to the sink, or maybe they leave body products all over the bathroom counter, but while it might be nice to have a perfect partner (like the ones you see in the movies), not everyone is perfect, reminds Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  While your partner might not do all the right things, they are romantic and giving to you in other ways.  Don’t always focus on the negative, try to focus on the nice things they do for you.

If you’re looking to meet compatible singles in Pittsburgh, contact the Pittsburgh matchmaking team at Pittsburgh Singles.  Set up your first consultation and find out how they can help you find the perfect partner—someone to share your life with!

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