Fresh Rules of Dating: By Monroeville Matchmakers

It’s time to come to terms that the dating tips your mother gave you have gone out the window, and by that the Monroeville matchmakers mean that you don’t have to rely on a man to make all the moves anymore. 

These professional Monroeville matchmakers have been in the business for over 25 years and have taken notice to how the dating rules have changed over the years.  Of course a few rules still apply, but they have modified themselves a little bit.  So get ready as the Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles will review the modern day rules, which rules are a bust, and which rules are a must.

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When It Comes to Picking Up

It’s no longer a necessity for a man to pick up a woman at her house.  This was largely appropriate back in the day when women used to live at home with their parents and they wanted to know who was taking their daughter out on a date.  In fact, modern day rules say that women can pick a man up.  But in today’s era of digital dating, it’s always good to keep your address private until you get to know someone. 

When meeting face to face with someone you have recently just met, it’s always best to do it in a public location, explains Monroeville matchmakers.  Meet him somewhere until you’re familiar with him and you’ve gotten to know him well.  It’s completely acceptable and good etiquette for you to meet at the location of the date.  This can be done for the first, second, and even the third date. 

Texting, Emailing, & Social Networking

Texting, emailing, and social networking are all factors when it comes to communication, but don’t rely solely on those because it could lead to giving him the wrong impression.  Texting can often be something you do when you’re running short on time.  Using a text message as a way to save time to arrange a date is sort of insulting—the same rule applies to Facebook.  Facebook is something a lot of younger people use to communicate with each other, but when it comes to romance, the Monroeville matchmakers know that the best to communicate is to do it over the phone.  The idea is to use different methods in the beginning stages, but don’t just rely on one for everything.  Of course you can use a text message to be a little flirty.  If you’re comfortable enough with adding your new date to your social media sites, then that is great for you—just don’t read too much into every single little detail of their online persona as it will be completely different from their real life. 

When It Comes to Sex

The no sex on the first date rule still applies today.  Unless of course you’re one of the women who is only looking for a hookup, but if that’s the case, don’t expect anything meaningful to develop from your one night stand, warns the Monroeville matchmakers. 

The bottom line is, you should have sex when you make a connection and are ready to do it, not just to please anyone.  Sex doesn’t mean the same thing for both sexes so don’t think that because you’re putting out on the first date he’s going to like you.  The Monroeville matchmakers suggest waiting for a while until you give your relationship a chance to develop into something meaningful.  Take the first few dates or even months getting to know each other; letting the relationship grow.  The emotional connection you will develop with him will make sex that much better down the road.

Start Exploring

In a nation that is full of different cultures, races, and ethnicities, your dating possibilities are endless.  But if that is not the way you operate, then don’t break away from your core values.  The key to a successful relationship is having fun throughout your dates, but it’s also finding someone compatible who you can share your life with. 

There is a lot of competition out there, more so than ever before.  So why not try stepping out of your comfort zone and date outside your race, religion, or ethnicity group?  Know what things you’re flexible about and work with those things and explore your dating options.  So if you are not dating someone whose culture is significantly different than yours, look for someone who brings different things into your life.  You might discover some great new things you never would’ve tried otherwise. 

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Opposites Attract… Or Maybe Not

Just because magnets stick to each other doesn’t mean that you and your potential partner will too.  If you’re looking for someone you can settle down with for the rest of your life, you are going to have to pick a partner who shares the same interests as you.  This will get rid of any tension regarding activities, parties, or people you hang out with.  Opposites might be fun, but only for the short term.  But those who you share a lot of things in common with will be more successful in a relationship for the long term.

Date outside Your Age Bracket

Let go of the old rule of only dating within your age bracket as it’s not forbidden anymore.  Men are dating younger women, because, well, they have done it for many years.  Women are now following their trail and are starting to date younger men because of the fun they bring to the relationship.  Dating outside your age group could be fun and interesting.  The connection you make with someone should be what determines the quality of your relationship, not how old each of you are on your birth certificate. 

Just remember though, no one younger than 18

So there you have it, the modern rules of dating in 2014.  Follow these helpful rules from the Monroeville matchmakers at Pittsburgh Singles and you will be successful in your romantic life.

If you’re looking to meet compatible, commitment-minded men, contact the Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles to set up a consultation today.  With Pittsburgh Singles you’ll only meet quality singles who fit your dating criteria.

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