How to Find Love with Pittsburgh Dating Service

If you’re looking for a perfect relationship that works, follow the helpful advice brought to you today by the Pittsburgh dating service team at Pittsburgh Singles.

Why does everyone want love?  Love consists of many emotions that can make people feel insecure and frightened or happy and content… It all depends on who you fall in love with.  When the match is incompatible love can feel like hell, but when two people click and hit it off it can feel like perfection, like the best thing in the world.  The Pittsburgh dating service team is against the notion of searching for perfection because most people’s ideals are unrealistic.  But there is definitely someone perfect for everyone if they are lucky enough to find it—everything will feel complete and natural with them.  So if this is what you’re seeking, the following tips from the Pittsburgh dating service team should help you on your quest to finding your perfect partner.

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Think About What You Want from a Man

You might think that you need a tall, handsome looking guy that can save you from all the problems you’re constantly having, but the reality of the situation is that you want something that looks perfect, which is completely different.  You need to look for a partner who has the same things that you have, not something that is too unrealistic. 

The trick is discovering what you need to find in a man to bring out the best in you.  It’s not about finding a man who can provide for you, but someone who can add to your happiness; allowing you to be yourself.  When you find this type of relationship you won’t be able to stop telling him how much you really love him.

So the first thing you must do is to take a closer look at yourself and examine what type of person you are.  What are you habits and interests?  How do you live your life?  When and where do you feel the most at ease?  And who in your life makes you feel creative and capable?  A man who is compatible to you will share important traits of your personality and he’ll be more likely to make you happy because he himself brings out the best qualities in you and this makes you feel great to be in a relationship with him.

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Things You Must Consider

·         Are you a fun loving woman with a great sense of humor or do you have a more serious side?


·         Do you enjoy eating and making food or does food cause you to stress out because you’re very weight conscious.  Think about how your weight consciousness could affect your relationship… Perhaps an overindulgent partner could end up being a bad influence on you in the long term as he will not be supportive.


·         Where do you see yourself in 5 to ten years from now?  Are you a country woman or a city one?  … Or are you more of the beach time?  Think about where you’re happiest and where you’ll want to be living your life.


·         What type of future do you want to have?  One filled with kids or one where you drink margaritas at the beach?

     Where Should You Look for Him? 

Now, that you have a very good idea of who you want as a partner for the rest of your life, it is now time to think of the most likely places you can meet someone who is compatible for you.  The most obvious and used place where you can find someone who shares the same interests as you is a matchmaking service.

It is now time to start thinking outside the box.  More and more Pittsburghers have been turning to Pittsburgh dating services when it comes to looking for a significant other.  It used to be that friends and family members would help introduce you to people they thought you would be compatible with and it ended up being nothing, no connection—and maybe they’re still trying, but you’re not budging.  If you want to meet someone who shares the same common values, beliefs, hobbies and lifestyle as you, then a matchmaking service will be the best alternative.  Forget crowded bars and expensive night clubs, forget parties, and don’t worry about being set up on blind dates by your friends, now you can use the advantage of hiring a professional matchmaker.  Think about who you are and what you want in the future.  And if your love life is important to you, then the Pittsburgh dating service team at Pittsburgh Singles will be there for you.  They’ve devoted over 25 years to connecting professional singles are confident they can help you too!

When You Find Him, How Can You Tell He’s the Right Partner for You?

You probably won’t be able to tell right away whether or not the two of you will be compatible.  The main thing you need to do is think rationally about what it is you want from a partner in a long term relationship—and these things should be of utmost importance to you.  Make sure your rose-colored glasses don’t get in the way of making the right decision when it comes to your future.

We are not in control of whom we fall in love with so it’s very important to steer yourself in the right direction before you meet someone to fall in love with.  When you’re on the right track in life and secure and confident in who you are, you’re more likely going to make the right decision when it comes to your love life.

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What Qualities in a Partner Are Important to You?

Every person is different, everyone has different needs and tastes, but often it can open up your mind to read what other women find attractive in a man.  Sometimes you might discover a trait that you hadn’t previously thought about or given much importance to, but after  hearing another woman tell you why she looks for certain things in a  man you might find yourself wanting those exact qualities in a man. 

When it comes to dating, the Pittsburgh dating service team from Pittsburgh Singles know that it can be frustrating, but there is always a lot of learning to do. So why don’t you tell us today what are some of the traits you look for in a man.  Tell us your personal tastes and it might help another woman on her search of finding her prince.

If you’re ready to take control of your love life, contact the matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service today by calling (412) 206-5449(412) 206-5449 or visiting:


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