Local Pittsburgh Matchmakers Bring You Back to Dating After a Divorce

Matchmaking service in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles, reveals a helpful guide for post-divorce dating for men.

It can be hard putting yourself back into the dating world after experiencing a divorce.  Having been in a long and committed relationship can make even the thought of being single feel terrifying.  Today, our trusted matchmaking service in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles, will review a few helpful dating tips that will hopefully make you become more comfortable swimming with other fish in the dating sea.


Take Your Time

This is the most important step you must take.  No matter how ready you think you are, divorce can be very traumatizing and it will take time to come to terms with the reasons why your marriage did not work out.  It is also important for you to get your new life back in order before you decide to embark in post-divorce dating.  Take time to get your finances in order, get into a whole new routine, take care of yourself emotionally and physically, practice new hobbies, and try to rediscover yourself.  Our Pittsburgh matchmakers know there isn’t always a set amount of time this will take, but know that eventually you will go back to normal and you will be happy and ready to date again.

Learn New Dating Etiquette

Many people meet their first spouse when they are young, but back then, dating was completely different than what it is nowadays.  Use all the experience you have gained as an adult and use it to your advantage.  Even if your marriage was not picture perfect, there are bound to be valuable lessons you learned from it.  If nothing else, simply reading a few dating blogs from our veteran Pittsburgh matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles will help you get back into the dating scene.  We also provide dating coaching for those who have recently come out of a divorce and need a little guidance and support.  By receiving helpful advice on dressing nicely, first date etiquette, and other helpful guidance in the dating scene, you will be successful when it comes to dating in no time.

Don’t Try to Rush a New Relationship

It’s frequently tempting to jump right into the first relationship that comes your way simply because you’re single and miss having a companion.  After the emotional roller coaster of a divorce, it might take some time before you can objectively decide if you want to be with someone again.  Some men start dating the first woman that comes their way because they think they’re running out of time.  It is a common misconception amongst singles that you only have a certain amount of time to meet that special someone.  Just because you have experienced a divorce doesn’t mean you’re a failure at love.  The truth is, by now, you probably have a much better understanding of what it takes to have a happy relationship.  Once you learn to use your divorce as a learning experience, you’ll be much better equipped to determine what type of partner you need in a relationship.  But then again, getting to this point will take time, so be patient.

Don’t Talk about Divorce

A part of dating is having interesting conversations to talk about, but don’t think that talking about your divorce is one of them.  You’ll be talking about nothing but negative things, which is not the impression you want to leave on someone for the first time.  This is why it’s very important to give yourself plenty of time to get back into a new routine and rediscover yourself.  The divorce is probably the biggest and most current news in your life and you could probably talk about the specifics for days on end, but your new romantic interest will not be interested one bit.  Keep the conversation light and upbeat; you’ll eventually have plenty of time to discuss your divorce, not during the first few dates, but once the relationship gets serious.


Enjoy the Dating Process

Dates are never going to go well if you’re always worrying about them.  Once you get over the initial fear of whether or not you’re doing things right or wrong, you’ll notice that dating is much easier than when you were younger.  You can be honest with your date without being fake, and you can listen and actually care about what she is telling you.  The same rule applies as before you were married; not every date you go out on will lead to a long lasting relationship, but that does not mean you are doing something wrong so don’t take it personally if a woman you are interested in doesn’t want to go out on a second date with you or if she does not return your calls.  Our Pittsburgh matchmakers encourage you not to go out thinking you’re going to find your next wife right away.  Just take it easy and enjoy the dating process.

Extra Tip: Remember that some things never change.  Women love being taken care of so don’t forget to be chivalrous.  Things like opening car doors, pulling out chairs, or offering your coat will never go out of style.  Send her an email or call her after the date to thank her for the great evening you both had.  Even though women are very independent nowadays, they still love and appreciate a man who takes care of them.  This is one of the most important things you must not forget.

Although dating after going through a divorce can be very difficult, it is also a fun and enjoyable experience.  Keep your options open and never compare your new dates to your ex.  Leave the past where it belongs and start enjoying dating now.  Don’t leave your future girlfriend up to chance.  If you are attracted to a certain woman and you want her to reciprocate those feelings to you, be a gentleman and be open and honest with her.  Don’t risk losing her because you did not know what to say or do.  If you are looking for more helpful insight on how to become better with women, our local Pittsburgh matchmakers are always here to help.  You can always control your dating destiny when you hire a matchmaker.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today.



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