Matchmakers from Monroeville Teach You How to Be the Perfect Girlfriend

Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will review helpful dating and relationship advice to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Being the perfect girlfriend isn’t an easy task, but it’s totally achievable as long as you know what your man really wants.  All men have a different perception of what they think is the perfect girlfriend, but still, if you asked them, they would all still share certain things in common.  Women are not the only ones looking for the perfect partner, men are too.  Apply the following tips from the Monroeville matchmakers and your man will never think of cheating, breaking up or leaving you because you will be the perfect girlfriend.

Look Good for Him

A perfect girlfriend always gives her man something nice to look at.  Men are visual creatures and want their girlfriends to look good so this means you must take care of your appearance.  You don’t have to look like a supermodel, not at all, emphasizes Monroeville matchmakers, but you can look the best you can. 

Start using body lotions, have soft skin, kissable lips and a nice fragrance to yourself and this will make him want to be near you all day long.  Keep things as fresh as possible, the same way you did in the beginning.

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Smell Great for Him

There is nothing like smelling good for your boyfriend—a scent of a woman can make a man fall in love with her again.  Your smell is deeply engraved in his mind and he will remember it immediately.  This means you need to have a unique smell to you and use shampoos and products that make your hair smell great.  It’s a lot easier to be the perfect girlfriend when you give him incentive to want to be close to you.

Never Nag Again

Nagging all day long isn’t going to solve the problems, and sooner or later he will leave you or break up with you because he’s sick of it.  Men need their freedom and if you’re constantly complaining he’s going to want it.  Monroeville matchmakers encourage you to learn to communicate your differences by finding a common language.  Maybe the approach you’re taking isn’t going to motivate him to change.  If you notice he’s doing something wrong, maybe you can find a different approach to the situation.  Start using positive reinforcement and reward him with your love—this way he will stop doing the things you don’t like.  Start being his supportive partner, not his enemy.

Show Him More Love

A perfect girlfriend loves her man more than anything in the world—she loves him and will do anything to make him happy.  In order for your man to know how much you love him, you need to show him.  Start cuddling him more, hug him, kiss him, and don’t forget to say those three magic words whenever you get a chance. 

Start Loving Yourself

Always being insecure and asking if you look fat can get pretty old.  Stop being insecure in yourself because men find it very unattractive, explains Monroeville matchmakers.  How can your guy love you if you don’t even love yourself?  Do everything you can to feel great in your own skin.  If you start loving yourself you will become more confident and that will radiate into positive energy, and that will make him want to be near you.

Be Devoted to Him

Well, you probably know that the perfect girlfriend is faithful, but she also doesn’t make her partner feel jealous.  This means you need to stop flirting with other men, let him know he is the only one you have eyes for.  Your man needs to feel this so he can trust you more.

Like His Friends

There is nothing worse than when a girlfriend hates her boyfriend’s friends and openly complains about them.  Sure, Josh might not be the best guy, but he’s still you boyfriend’s good friend.  You can give him suggestions on whom you think his good friends are, but don’t be too pushy.  Let him be the one to make his own decisions, because at the end of the day, you’re only his girlfriend, not his mother.  If you continue to complain about his friends or even try to restrict him hanging out with them, soon you will just be his ex-girlfriend.

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Try to Prepare Him Good Meals

Everyone knows that a path to a man’s heart is through his belly.  Well, you might have to be awesome in bed and show him love and support too, but cooking is an extra bonus.  No one expects you to be the next Betty Crocker, but definitely try to prepare his favorite meals for him whenever you can.

Be Appreciative

Your boyfriend needs to know you appreciate everything he’s done for you.  When he is nice to you, do something nice for him in return and let him know how much you value him in your life.  It will make him feel better about himself and the relationship, explains Monroeville matchmakers. 

Give Him a Sincere Compliment

You can stroke your boyfriend’s ego from time to time to help him feel good.  As you know, men can sometimes be a little insecure, so don’t let him chase an ego boost from another woman—instead be the one who gives it to him.  And don’t forget, your man also needs to feel attractive and desired.  So when he has dressed up nicely and you think he looks good be sure to extend him a sincere compliment, when his hair looks great let him know about it.  A compliment makes you feel nice, right?  Of course it does, so why not return the favor to him?

Help Him Grow

At the end of the day you are partners, not enemies so remember that.  A perfect girlfriend is perfect because she pushes her man to become better in life.  So start motivating him to become a better person.  Life can be hard and when times are rough, there is nothing better than having someone by your side who supports you. 

Make Him Feel like the Man

A man wants to be the man of the relationship so let him fill that role whenever you get a chance.  If he wants to do something, go along with it and let him have the last word sometimes.  Remember, you don’t have to be right during every argument, it’s okay to let him win.  But don’t forget to let him be in charge sometimes; after all, you might actually like it.

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