Matchmaking Experts from Pittsburgh Review Signs Your Friends Dislike Your Partner

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While a relationship is between two people, it’s always nice to know your friends support you in your relationship.  Sadly, not every friend is going to be supportive of the person you date, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to change their mind or simply put it behind you. 

Today, the Pittsburgh matchmaking team from Pittsburgh Singles will review some of the most common signs your friends don’t like the new person you’re dating and will explain some helpful tips on what you can do about it if you want everyone to get along in peace and harmony.  Let’s get started!

They Don’t Want to Hang Out Anymore

It is not uncommon for couples to hang out in a big group of friends; however, when you bring your partner along and ask your friends to do something involving your new partner, many of them show no interest at all.  If they do show interest, it’s only short term (usually the meet and greet)—and to you, even that doesn’t seem genuine.


They Talk Negative about Your Partner

Some people don’t have a filter on their mouths when it comes to talking about others, even when that person is your new partner.  A big sign your friends dislike the person you’re dating is when they’re constantly pinpointing their flaws and dwell on them for a long time. 

Your Friends Get Quiet When You Talk about Your Partner

When you talk about a date you went on, how he surprised you at work with a nice bouquet of flowers, or how she had your favorite stuffed shells on the table with candlelight when you showed up after work, your friends get completely silent.  Their responses usually tend to be on the short side and they show no interest at all.  In fact, when you talk about your partner you will notice your friends try to change the subject as quick as possible and this is because they don’t particularly fancy them or care to hear anything about them.   

They Never Invite Your Partner

Okay, so the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts know guy’s night out should never include a woman and neither does girls’ night out; however, when your friends, especially those who are in relationships, invite you to hang out they don’t want your partner to come along.  Hmmm, it’s obvious that if this is the case, they are not very big fans of your partner.  If your partner is never invited to couple’s outings but you are, then you know something is going on.

They Ignore Your Partner

When your partner is around, your friends ignore them and pretend your partner doesn’t even exist.  When your friends don’t approve of the person you’re dating, they aren’t likely going to give them the time of day.  While they might say hello to your partner, that’s as far as they will interact with them—the rest of the time they will spend ignoring your partner and pretending they’re not in the room.

They Never Ask You about Them

When friends don’t like the person you’re dating, don’t expect them to ask you about your relationship—and don’t expect them to ask you anything about your partner.  If your friends don’t care about the person whom you’re with, you’ll never hear them concerned about anything having to do with them.

They Talk about Your Exes

It’s well known that friends should never talk about exes when you’re already involved with someone else; however, when your friends don’t approve of your new relationship, don’t be surprised if they’re constantly talking about your ex (on a positive note).  You will more likely hear them say things like, “Your ex was so nice… I really loved how they used to do this or that.”  Or you might even hear them make direct comparisons to the person you’re dating today, explains the Pittsburgh matchmaking team.  Harsh, yes, but some friends will have no problem doing this and it’s usually a way of letting you know they don’t care for your new partner. 

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Ask Them Why They Don’t Like Your Partner

It is very important to know why your friends feel the way they do.  If your friends don’t approve of your relationship, the Pittsburgh matchmaking team suggests you sit them down and ask them why they feel this way.  What is it they see that you don’t?  And why do they feel the way they do? 

Make Sure They’re Not Jealous

As childish as this might sound, some people can do things because they’re jealous.  So before taking your friends’ opinions and negative thoughts about your partner into consideration, make sure they’re not doing it out of jealousy.  They could be trying to sabotage your relationship. 

Don’t Dismiss Them Altogether

If your friends have some good reasons and concerns for not being happy with your decision to date this new person, the Pittsburgh matchmaking team encourages you not to outright ignore their thoughts and feelings.  Instead try to listen to them and figure out where they’re coming from. 

If your friends think your partner isn’t good for you, listen to them as they could very well have a valid point.  The Pittsburgh matchmaking team warns that sometimes an outsider can see things we cannot see when blinded by the infatuation of a new relationship.

Now, It’s Your Turn to Speak

Your friends got a chance to say what was on their minds and now is the time to voice yours.  Once your friends gotten everything off their chest, don’t hesitate to speak up with your side of things.  Explain how you feel about the whole situation and let your friends know that your partner is important to you, but that you also value their opinions. 

Reassure Your Partner

The Pittsburgh matchmaking team warns that most people can pick up on when someone doesn’t like them.  So if your partner knows your friends aren’t approving of them, make sure you let your partner know you still love and care for them and that the relationship will not come to an end because of friends.

Reassure Your Friends

When friends aren’t big fans of the person you’re dating, your friendship can suffer.  If you would like to remain friends with your current friends, reassure them you will.  Let them know this is not worth losing their friendship and that you’re willing to either work it out or simply see past it. 

If your current relationship cannot be worked out and you’re ready to meet your ideal match, contact the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts at Pittsburgh Singles to set up a consultation today!

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