Matchmaking Service in Monroeville Explains How to Move in with a Partner

Monroeville matchmaker service, Pittsburgh Singles, reveals helpful advice for taking the next big step in your relationship.

It’s been said that you don’t know someone until you move in with them and the Monroeville matchmaking experts know this one is all too true.  Once you’ve been involved in a relationship with a partner for a while it is not uncommon to want to take things up to the next level; the next level meaning moving in together.  But the Monroeville matchmaking team wants couples to understand that moving in together is a huge step and today they have put together some helpful tips on how to make your house a home when you decide to make the next big move. 


You Need to Be Sure You’re Both on Board

Deciding to move in together is one of the biggest steps couples will take, so before the two of you decide to make the next big move you need to be absolutely positive that you’re both ready to take that step.

If you’re ready but your partner isn’t, it’s best to wait until they’re 100% sure they’re ready to take the next step; living together is not a walk in the park and you don’t want to rush into it.

Talk to Them

Before taking the next step in your relationship you need to have a serious conversation with your partner about it.  Each of you need to understand what each of you expect from each other, as well as your wants and needs as a person and in the relationship.  Don’t just make the decision of moving in together out of the blue, you need to have a serious discussion beforehand.

Be a Little Flexible

Living with a partner requires openness and flexibility and it is impossible for one of you to get everything you want; instead you will have to find a common ground.  This is why it’s very important to learn to compromise and accommodate to each other’s needs as well as expectations, explains Monroeville matchmaking experts.

You Need to Have a Plan

Moving in together doesn’t happen right away.  You both need to sit down and work together to map out a plan about how things are going to work out.  The first thing you must do is come up with a date and decide what each of you are going to have to do about your current living situation. 

You Need to Have Alone Time

Living together means the two of you will more likely be spending more time together.  While this might seem like a good thing to you, the Monroeville matchmaking team warns that spending a lot of time together can be frustrating.  Since the two of you will be seeing each other’s faces more often, it is very important to plan some alone time.  Go out with the guys or have ladies’ nights out. 

Learn to Communicate

Communication is essential to a relationship, but it becomes even more important when the two of you are living together.  Without being able to communicate properly, the two of you are easily going to get involved in fights.  Talk about each other’s pet peeves and other things that could potentially cause problems.  You’re also going to want to talk about dividing chores as well as both of your expectations around the house, advises the Monroeville matchmaking team. 

Learn to Fight

Little arguments are going to happen all the time, but they will happen more when you are living together.  It is completely different to argue over the phone than it is to argue in person when you’re living together.  This is why the Monroeville matchmaking team suggests you learn how to pick your battles.  If your man forgets to put the toilet seat down, let it go.  If she leaves all her makeup and hair products all over the counter, let it go.  It might be frustrating, but learn to move on instead of starting a big argument over nothing.

Don’t Have a Hidden Agenda

Some people decide to move in with their partners in order to get to the next step, marriage.  If you’re looking to live together only because you have underlying expectations, you’re making a huge mistake.  Don’t live with your partner in hopes that it’s going to get you to start a family soon.  If these are your expectations, talk to your partner beforehand.


Talk about Money

Living together isn’t as simple as it seems in movies and TV shows.  Before living together, you and your partner are going to have to have a serious talk about money.  Though talking about money isn’t fun, it’s something that needs to be done, explains the Monroeville matchmaking team.  You and your partner need to discuss who is going to pay for which household expenses, who is in charge of groceries, and how the bills will be split.  It is important to know the answer to all of these things before you move in together.

Divide the Chores

When living together there are going to be all types of tasks and chores that will need to be done around the house.  Again, you and your partner will need to have a discussion of who will be in charge of what.  Who will be in charge of doing the laundry?  Who will do the dishes?  Who will take the dog out for a walk?  Who gets the fun task of cleaning the bath?  Etc., etc.  Knowing who is in charge of what chore will make living together a lot easier. 

Learn to Have Considerate

If you are used to living on your own, it’s likely you only take yourself into consideration.  When you lived by yourself it was okay to do as you pleased… You could leave wet towels on the floor, leave the toilet seat up, and not worry about a thing.  But now that you will be living with your partner, it is very important you consider them as well, because after all, it is their space too.  Your bathroom is now their bathroom, your kitchen is now their kitchen, and the TV is just as much theirs as it is yours. 

Be Patient

Moving in together and getting used to each other doesn’t happen overnight.  Both of you are going to have to learn to be patient with each other as you adjust to your new living situation.  Perfection won’t happen overnight, so learn to be patient and give it time.

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