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The modern matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles review some annoying things a lot of men do when out on a first date.  Single guys, read on and take notes!

Everyone woman has been out on one of those dates with a man who makes her look back and say, “Whoa, did he really do that?” or, “Did he really just say that?”  Sure, everyone has annoying habits that can make you frustrated in the dating world, but for some reason, men seem to have more than their fair share—and many times, they come out on the first date—preventing them from having a successful dating life.

Today, the modern matchmakers from Pittsburgh will review those annoying things men do—things they need to stop if they want to achieve dating success.

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It’s okay to have a busy life and have a lot of friends, it’s also okay to have a busy career; however, that should not be a reason why a man should ever be texting during a first date.  It is very rude for a man to pull out his cell phone and start texting mid date, ever.  There is nothing more frustrating for a woman than going out to eat with a man who is typing away while she’s talking and trying to get to know him.  Pittsburgh’s modern matchmakers encourage all men reading this to please keep your cell phone away until you’re done with your date.

On Facebook

This goes hand in hand with texting.  There is no need to take a selfie while out on a first date so you can let your friends know you’re out and about.  There is also no need to update your status, check-in, or be chatting it up on Facebook Chat.  Women are not interested in seeing you consumed by your social media pages while on a date—save your social media time for when you go home.

Talking about Sex

On the first few dates, there is no reason for a man to discuss anything having to do with sex.  Not only will this make the conversation very awkward, but it also reflects on what he is thinking about, explains Pittsburgh’s modern matchmakers.  When a man does nothing but talk about sex or physical things, he’s probably only interested in that.  After dating someone and being close with them, this topic is acceptable, but on the first couple of dates it’s a major no-no.  This is one of the top things men do in the dating world that really annoys women.

Not Giving a Good Tip

Everyone knows that waiters and waitresses at restaurants make a living out of tips, no matter who is in charge of the bill, a man should definitely be generous with a tip.  After having a great waitress all night, if a man only tips a $5 bill on a $100 dinner, not only does it make him cheap, but it makes him inconsiderate—and this is a huge turn off for women, warns Pittsburgh’s modern matchmakers. 

Ordering the Food for Everyone

Hopefully this has not happened to you (and hopefully as a man you haven’t done this), but there are men out there who believe they should be the ones to order the entire meal.  While it’s nice to have a man give recommendations, women are very capable of making their own choices.  Plus, a man who does the ordering without consulting may come off as a little controlling, which can be quite scary for women looking for a serious relationship.

Talking about Exes

Women have been known to talk about past relationship more so than men, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few men out there who discuss their exes on a first date.  Randomly bringing up an ex mid-dinner and putting her down is uncalled for—and it’s also a major turn off. 

Putting Women’s Jobs Down

It is really rude for a man to poke fun of a woman’s choice in career, even if he’s doing it in a joking manner.  Maybe his date works in the IT department and he calls her a geek, or maybe his date works as a writer and he does not believe it’s a real job—whatever the case might be, it’s never right to put a woman’s job down.  Making smart remarks about what she does for a living is never acceptable. 

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Making Fun of a Woman’s Situation

Maybe she still lives at home with her parents or maybe she has roommates because she does not earn enough at her current job.  When a man makes fun of a woman’s financial situation, all signs point to him being a jerk.  Not only is this behavior annoying and disrespectful, but it can be very hurtful to a woman, reminds Pittsburgh’s modern matchmakers.

Bad Table Manners

Having to listen to a man chomp down on a huge prime rib or having him speak with a mouthful of food can ruin a date immediately.  Some men out there have bad table manners, and many of them don’t even notice it, but for women, there’s nothing more unattractive than sitting across the table from a man who makes a lot of noise while eating… or who is just plain hoggish.

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Bad Communication

Some men are all over the place when it comes to communication during a first date—some talk too much, leaving no room for her to talk, while others don’t talk at all, making it very difficult for the woman to get to know them.  Being out on a date with a man who has no idea how to properly communicate is annoying and frustrating, explains Pittsburgh’s modern matchmakers.  If you’re heading out on a first date you must brush up on your communication skills if you want things to flow smoothly.

Being Too Touchy

While on a first date, a man’s job is to impress a woman so of course everyone is expecting him to be on his best behavior—opening doors, pulling out chairs, and even a hug can be expected, but other touchy behaviors are no-no’s.  When a man touches a woman or gets extremely close, it can be a real turn off.

If any of these things sound familiar to your dating life, this could be the reason you’re not having any dating success.  Brush up on your dating etiquette and you’ll have much better luck with your romantic life. 

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in Pittsburgh, contact Pittsburgh Singles matchmaking team to set up a consultation today.  Not only will the dating experts will introduce you to compatible singles, but they’ll give you the guidance and support you need along the way—insightful advice for dating success!



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