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Monroeville dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service review why you could be lacking in the friendship department.

Do you ever wonder why you don’t have too many good friends?  Do you ever notice friends seem to come and go from your life? Today, Monroeville dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review the many reasons why friends don’t stick around.

Are you having a difficult time keeping good friends?  Do you find yourself being let down by those who you believe are your friends?  Feeling ignored by friends can be one of the worst experiences in life, but what’s worse is when your friends are ignoring you in, well, not such a subtle way.  Are your friends ignoring you because you’re a bad person?  Why is it that no one wants to be around you?  Are you making a few mistakes that are pushing people away? 

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The Main Reasons Why You Have No Friends

Are your good male or female friends walking away from you?  Today, Monroeville dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review the possible things you could be doing.  Ask yourself if you’re doing any of the below things.  If you see yourself making any of these mistakes, then you need to make an effort to change yourself for the better if you want to have friends—and keep them. 

You Just Try Too Hard

You might be coming off as too clingy, explains Monroeville dating experts.  Are you constantly pursuing people to meet you, even when they seem like they don’t want to be around you?  Spending a lot of time with a new friend might be important to you, but when you try too hard, you might be coming off as clingy and annoying.  Just relax and be a little laidback.  Your friends don’t have to know you have nothing else to do—just pretend you’re a busy person and say goodbye to them before the atmosphere gets stiff.

You’re a Little Too Negative

You have a dark cloud following you everywhere you go and you make people feel uncomfortable around you.  You have probably seen a character in a movie or maybe you even know someone who makes everyone feel uncomfortable around them, but they don’t know why.  You might not be paying too much attention to your thoughts, but you could be coming off as too negative around your friends and it shows.  Being negative makes people pull away from you, nobody wants to be around a negative person because it’s draining and taxing, explains Monroeville dating experts.

You Don’t Know How to Handle Social Cues

If one person you’re talking to gets bored with you, do you even notice they looked at their watch several times?  Do you notice your friend is checking their Facebook page while mid conversation with you?  Just because you’re having a good time doesn’t mean your friends are too.  Pay attention to their behavior when they’re around you and be sure to change the conversation when your friends seem to be getting distracted.

You Might Be Selfish

Admit it.  None of your friends might have told you, but you may worry about your own needs before your friends’ needs.  When you meet new people, all you’re concerned about is you having a good time.  You don’t think of an evening out with friends as a collective thing, you look at it as your own way of having fun.  Your selfishness is extracting the happiness out of everyone because you’re only interested in what you want to do and what you want to talk about.

You Always Read in Between the Lines

And you read it constantly—you’re constantly thinking everything revolves around you.  So your friend posted a quote on Facebook and you think it has to do with you—you think there is a secret message that was purposely sent to you.  Stop thinking there is a hidden agenda or meaning behind everything your friends say and that it somehow has something to do with you.  When you are constantly reading between the lines, you’re going to end up making assumptions, explains Monroeville dating experts—and everyone knows what happens when people assume, so let’s not go there.


You’re Constantly Whining

People hate whiners more than they hate being sick.  Maybe you don’t realize you’re doing it, but now that you’re thinking about it, do you find yourself complaining about things all the time?  Do yourself a favor and stop complaining when you’re with your friends.  Everyone has their own drama in their own lives and they don’t need to be burdened by your complaints.  Be happy, look at the bright side of life, and have a good time—your friends will love you in no time.

You Create Barriers

Do you ever hold back a thought because you think it might sound silly?  Do you feel uncomfortable around your friends?  If you do, your friends will definitely pick up on your body language and make them feel uncomfortable too. 

You Don’t Know How to Have a Conversation

You talk about things that don’t interest people and you have no clue when to stop.  Just because something interests you doesn’t mean it interests your friends, explains Monroeville dating experts.  Here is a little cue: if your friends are listening to what you’re saying but are not giving you their input, it’s probably because they’re looking to get away from you—they’re bored out of their mind and don’t want you to continue on with what you’re saying.

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You Think You’re Always Right

Wait, there you have it.  You argue over the littlest things just to prove you’re right.  Do you always feel the need to contradict people just to prove them wrong so you can make yourself feel better?  Do people give up on arguments easily?  Well, it might be because they’re fed up with you.  When people give up an argument very quickly, it’s not because they accept defeat, it’s because they think you’re annoying and not worth their time and energy to argue with you.

So the next time your friends walk out of your life, take a look back and see if you find you have committed one of the above mistakes.  In all probability, there is a good chance you’re unintentionally driving your friends away, and you’re likely doing it without even realizing it. 

The Final Word

Look, if you don’t have any friends, it’s really always going to be your fault.  You need to remember that if someone doesn’t want to be your friend, you can always walk away from them too.  There is no reason to hang out with someone who doesn’t make you a priority—you only make yourself look like an idiot for trying to hold onto something that is trying to run away from you.

If you’re struggling to meet like-minded people who share the same values and interests as you, contact the Monroeville dating experts at Pittsburgh Singles and let them help you turn your social life around.

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