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Monroeville dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles explain a few reasons why a man might be ignoring you all of the sudden.

Is a man that you’re into ignoring you all the sudden?  Are you trying to figure out why?  Today, Monroeville dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review the many reasons men ignore women.

Is a man ignoring you or giving you the cold shoulder?  Yes, it feels miserable, right?  But do you actually want to figure out why he’s behaving this way?  If so, you’re going to have to clear your mind and think rationally.  But before you take things any further, you’re going to have to ask yourself a few questions.  How is this man ignoring you?  Does he show interests in pursuing you then stop all the sudden?  Does he say he loves you but then doesn’t say it again for a while?  Understanding why and how he’s ignoring you can actually help you get to the bottom of things.

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Why Do Men Ignore Women?

One thing is for certain and that is men don’t ignore women, especially if they like them.  Unlike women, it is very difficult for a man to play hard to get.  Of course if he’s only toying with her feelings, then he can easily play with her, but in all other scenarios, men always wear their hearts on the sleeve and they’re pretty vocal about it.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

So if you believe this man is ignoring you, you’re going to have to ask yourself the following questions.

Is he really ignoring you?

Has he shown any interest that makes you believe he has feelings for you or were you just spending time together and you thought he liked you?

Why do you think he’s acting this way?

Have you noticed any clear signs recently?  Was it something you said?  Monroeville dating experts suggest you focus on all the ways he’s ignoring you and ask yourself if you’re 100% sure he’s really ignoring you.  Also, try to think back to when it started.

Does it really matter?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself.  Of course it hurts and it probably annoys you that you’re being ignored by someone you like, but does it really matter to you?  Do you see this man as a part of your future?  And is it really worth the effort to try to understand why he’s ignoring you?

The Main Reasons Why a Man Might Be Ignoring You

He’s starting to Lose Interest in You

He might have been infatuated with you in the beginning, but as time went on he could have gotten bored and lost interest because he found someone he thinks is better suited for him.

You Didn’t Understand Him

He was not interested in you at all, he never really liked you that way but you assumed he did. 

It Was Light Love

He’s more of an easy going type of guy and takes the relationship in small steps.  He probably doesn’t read fairy-tales or romantic novels and doesn’t think relationships are a big deal.

Things Are Awkward

He doesn’t really like you at all and feels too awkward or bad to tell you to your face.  He might have flirted with you, but in his mind he convinced himself that ignoring you is better than coming out and telling you he doesn’t really like you.

He Has Something Better

He has something more exciting going on in his life right now and he completely forgot about you.

He’s Confused

He’s confused about what he feels for you and has decided to take a step back and think things through very well before he makes his next move.


You might think he’s ignoring you if he doesn’t call you ten times a day—he thinks speaking with you so much during the day is a little clingy—clearly, the two of you have different expectations, and this is why you might be feeling ignored.

He Could Be Cheating

He could be cheating on his girlfriend or wife with you, and as the noose gets tighter, he might have to walk away from you so he doesn’t get caught.

He Needs Space

You might be too clingy or needy and now he wants his own space.  This is why you think he’s ignoring you. 


There Is an Imbalance

In all reality, you might like him more than he likes you, and no matter what you do, you always feel miserable. 

He’s Very Busy

He has a hectic schedule, and as much as he wants to spend time with you, he has other priorities before you that require his attention.  

There Is another Woman

He might have started liking another woman and you are on the backburner now.

He Wasn’t Into You

He was never into you at all and you misread the signs the whole time.

He’s Honorable

He realized you have feelings for him, but he doesn’t have them for you so instead of leading you on, he’s ignoring you now.

He Has Other Priorities

Both of you have evolved over time and now his priorities are somewhere else, so instead of you being on the top, you have now dropped a notch or two; hence the reason he’s not calling you as often.

You Might Be Too Easy

Men like a good chase and they like a good woman, and now that he’s snagged you easily, he doesn’t feel like you’re worthy of impressing you.  In other words, you’re not a challenge anymore, explains Monroeville dating experts.

A Wandering Eye

He thinks there are better options elsewhere, so even though he likes you and thinks you’re a great person, he thinks he can do better.

He’s Selfish

He’s used you, had fun with you, and now he’s over you.  This is the type of guy who hops from one girl to another.  He has no reason to stay in touch with you because he already got everything he wanted from you.

Above are the top reasons from Monroeville dating experts why a man could be ignoring you.  Ask yourself which one fits your scenario.  Now that you can decode what’s going on in this man’s mind, ask yourself if going after a man who is ignoring you is worth your efforts.

If you’re tired of dealing with all the dating games, contact the Monroeville dating experts at Pittsburgh Singles today and let them introduce you to quality men who are ready and eager to settle down with a life partner.  Let Pittsburgh Singles help you change your romantic life around!

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