Monroeville Dating Service Breaks down How to Tell If a Man Likes You

Monroeville dating service, Pittsburgh Singles, reveals insightful dating knowledge for women.

What’s the easiest way to tell if a man likes you or not?  Well, you definitely like him, but figuring out if he likes you is going to be a hard job.  You want to be 100% sure he has feelings for you before you decide to make a move—that is so you don’t end up making a fool out of yourself.  If that sounds similar to your situation, read on…

The Monroeville dating experts will tell you one thing, when a man likes a woman, they like to hide their feelings so they can act cool and not blow their cover.  However, there are certain signals you can still pick up on that will let you know they have a thing for you.  These things are subconscious things they do and cannot hide—these are things they do when they feel attraction for a woman.  Today, the Monroeville dating experts will review some obvious signs that a man has desire for you. 

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He Tells You

Okay, it can’t be any more obvious than if a man tells you he’s into you, but in order to figure out if he really likes you, you need to listen to how he says it.  Does he just want a hookup or does he want to be together for the long run?  Try to figure out the tone of voice he uses when he’s telling you things and you’ll figure out what kind of “I like you” he feels for you.

He Keeps Asking Questions

He is obviously trying to keep the conversation going, he wants to get somewhere with you; therefore, he’s asking open-ended questions.  These might seem irrelevant to you, but they’re important to him.  Maybe you ran into him at a club or a party, or maybe even a local Monroeville coffee shop—some questions people ask are out of politeness, but if you notice he’s asking more than is necessary, he’s into you.  Now, remember, what you did this weekend doesn’t mean he’s into you—use common sense here. 

He Leans In To Talk

When you are having a conversation with him, he leans in—he will do this even if he can hear you perfectly.  You might be at a bar or a club with music so he has to lean in to talk to you, but if a man who leans in at a place where there is no music and it’s rather quiet, it’s because he wants to be near you.  Look at the extra effort he’s putting into having a conversation with you—that should tell you a lot.

He Acts a Little Different

Hang out with him and his close friends, then take a look at how he hangs out with them and how he hangs out with you.  Does he act different around you or is he exactly the same?  Sure, men and women act different when around friends, but if he is acting funny around you and not with his friends, it’s because he’s trying to impress you. 

He seems to be Ignoring You

Some men like to think they can use the old act of not being interested in order to land a woman’s interest—they know that all men around you are probably hitting on you, so they feel it is their best chance is to do the opposite.  If he does this in public, yet he’ll talk to you when you’re alone, there is a good chance he likes you but did not have the courage to go up to you.

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His Body is Leaning towards Yours

He will do this in order to get a good view from you.  He doesn’t want to make it obvious, but his body is telling you otherwise.  You can tell a lot about a man by keeping a close eye on his body language.  Do you notice his chest is puffed out a little bit?  Does he try to act a little macho?  And how about his feet, are they pointing towards you?  Some men will try to hide their interests in you but you can tell a lot about them by their body language, explains Monroeville matchmakers.

He Wants to Get Your Number

Okay, here is just another obvious sign he’s interested in you—a guy asking for a phone number equals interested.  The only time a man will ask a woman for her number is because he has interest in her. 

He Checks Out Your Whole Body

He already knows where your eyes are located, but he can’t seem to keep his eyes from wondering over your whole body.  Just keep an eye on his eyes and see where they are going.  Eyes can tell you a lot about him.  Although he might try looking uninterested, his eyes could tell you otherwise.

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Relationship Questions

Okay, men rarely ask a woman who they don’t like if they have a boyfriend.  Think about it, if he doesn’t like you why would he be asking you that personal question?  However, if he likes you and is interested in you he will want to know if you’re available.  So if he doesn’t ask you directly, he also might try hinting in one way or another.  Questions like, do you live with someone?  Do you have any roommates?  He just wants you to mention if you’re seeing another guy.

He Gets Very Protective

You just met him through a group a friends, maybe talked a bit, but you noticed that when people are around you, he doesn’t let anyone get to you.  He positions himself like a body guard and he’s doing it to protect you.  If you’re at the club, he’ll give you his hand and walk in front of you to lead the way—he does this to protect you, because everyone knows men like to protect a woman. 

He’s Trying to Impress You

Okay, one of the simplest ways to figure out if a man likes you is to see how he behaves.  Does he constantly brag about his job, car, money, and possessions?  If so, it’s because he’s desperately trying to make a good impression on you.

If you’re looking to meet quality, like-minded men in the Monroeville area, contact the Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles to set up a consultation today.  Find out how they can help you find the love you’ve been searching for!

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