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Pittsburgh matchmakers from the Monroeville area will review some helpful advice on how to avoid being stood up on a date.

Dating is very scary for many people—it brings a lot of anxieties.  For some people, dating can be the greatest experience in the world, but for others it can be a daunting experience—some dates will go as planned while others will be downright horrible—some won’t even happen at all.  Getting stood up on a date is very frustrating for daters, and it can surely take a blow at one’s self-esteem.  There is nothing more embarrassing than getting all dolled up, waiting for a date to arrive… only to have him never show up. 

Today, Pittsburgh dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review some helpful tips on how to avoid being stood up on a date.

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Keep in Touch

So the two of you have planned a date a week in advance, but you haven’t heard from him in a few days…  If you have no kept in touch with him, heading out for the date isn’t recommended.  Make sure the two of you have confirmed the plans the day before; otherwise, he might have completely forgotten he’s supposed to be going out on a date with you.  If you call him and get no response, don’t head out for your date.

Know How Long You’re Willing to Wait

Let’s say the date starts at 8, but by 8:15 you haven’t heard or seen him at all.  When it comes to a date, it’s recommended not to wait for more than a half an hour.  Why waste your time waiting for someone who not only shows up to the date late, but never shows up at all?  Set a specific amount of time you’re willing to wait and when the time runs out, head for the door.

Show Up a Little Late

On the other hand, you can arrive to the date a little late.  Of course it’s not recommended to show up 20 minutes past the time, but a minute or two is okay—this way you’re not sitting there by yourself.  Give him 15-20 more minutes after you arrive and if he doesn’t show up, head out the door.  If he calls you later on at night giving you a fake explanation, don’t listen to him—he stood you up.

Always Be Honest

Honesty is the most important quality you must possess when dating, explains Monroeville matchmakers.  Make sure when you’re getting to know this new man you’re telling him the truth about who you are.  Don’t put on a façade or he might find out otherwise and stand you up.  Your date could be doing a little Google stalking and before you know it, he finds some information you did not reveal—causing him not to want to meet you for a date.

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You Need to Let Him Know You’re Interested

A lot of men out there will chicken out on the date because they don’t think you’re into them.  You need to make sure your date knows you’re interested in him so he isn’t nervous about showing up to meet you.  Make your feelings and intentions known from day one, explains Monroeville matchmakers. 

Pick the Right Place

Not all men are purposely trying to stand you up—it can be easy to get lost if you’re unfamiliar with a location.  When you plan the date, make sure the two of you know the place you’re planning to meet for your date.  Having him drive an hour out of his town to meet you on a date might not be the best idea.  Keep the date in a local setting where the two of you are familiar.

Get Him to Pick You Up

This isn’t the right idea for a blind date, but if you have already been on several dates and you’re comfortable with him being around your house, you can ask him to pick you up.  If you are not quite comfortable having him at your house yet, have him meet up at a coffee shop or nearby your house.  This makes waiting and being stood up not that embarrassing.   

Contact Him & Let Him Know You Arrived

Instead of sitting around by yourself, you can call him or text him as soon as you get there—this way, he knows you’re already there and you’re not going to stand him up.  Of course if he doesn’t answer your texts or calls, it might be time to plan an exit strategy.

Listen to What He Is Saying

Is he very negative about past dates?  Has he mentioned standing women up in the past?  Does he claim he’s a little rough around the edges when it comes to dating?  If that is the case, you need to avoid making a date with him, because chances are he could do the same to you. 

Listen to Your Gut Feeling

When you talk to this man, does he show genuine interest or does he seem like the type who is a player?  When you talk to this man, it’s best to listen to your gut feeling.  If you aren’t feeling comfortable and aren’t sure about this man, break things off before the date comes.  Your gut is always right, reminds Monroeville matchmakers.

Does He Seem Too Good to Be True?

This is usually the case if you met him via online dating.  If a man you met online seems too good to be true, he probably is.  Sorry, but the truth is, you’ll never come across a tall blonde millionaire with a six pack on a dating site—let it go and start dating somewhere you know you will never be stood up.  If you are looking for safe and secure dates, the ones who will not stand you up, then your best option would be to hire a professional matchmaker.

If you’re tired of going out on wasted dates who only disappointment you, then why not try a better option?  With Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles, you’ll only be introduced to quality men who are compatible with you—and serious about dating and finding a loving companion and partner to share life with.  Don’t let your dating life up to chance, call Pittsburgh Singles today.

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