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Monroeville matchmaking agency explains the signs your boyfriend is about to break off the relationship.

In any relationship there is always a chance it will come to an end—either mutually, because of your partner or because of you.  Not all relationships have a happy ending and sometimes those ends come with a lot of warning signs and red flags.  If you notice your relationship with your partner has gone downhill recently, there are a few signs you need to watch out for to prepare yourself for what may come. 

Today, the Monroeville matchmaking experts will review signs that a breakup is on the horizon.

He Doesn’t Talk to You

Though the loss of communication doesn’t happen overnight, if your man is starting to slowly but surely cut communication with you, then that’s a red flag to watch out for. 

Maybe you have noticed he doesn’t text message you anymore, maybe the phone calls don’t come in like they used to, maybe he hasn’t emailed you to see how your day was going for a whole month—when communication starts to fade away it’s because your man is looking for an exit strategy, but doing it in a quiet way.

Relationship_Men Freak Out

Fighting Has Become an Everyday Thing

In any relationship there are bound to be fights; however, you have recently noticed your man is the one starting fights with you all the time—even over the smallest things.  This might be because he’s looking for an exit strategy and is trying to distance himself for you.  Creating tension in a relationship might be a way for him to take the pressure off himself, explains Monroeville matchmaking experts.

You No Longer Feel Close

At one point in time, the two of you were inseparable—you loved being together and spending as much time with one another as possible—you felt connected on many levels, but that is not the case now.  Now you feel like you don’t even know your partner anymore—the love and care you once had for your partner has seemingly faded away.

He Mentions a Lot of Changes

He might be thinking about going back to school and maybe getting a different degree—he might have mentioned a different job in a different city.  If a man is looking to break up with you, he might be talking about all different types of plans—all which don’t involve you.  Clearly, if he hasn’t included you in his future plans it’s because he doesn’t see you lasting long.

He Rarely Says I Love You

A lot of couples use the three magic words frequently and it’s likely the two of you said it a lot at one point; however, you have noticed that the I love you’s and sweet nothings are a thing of the past—and if they do come out, they are forced and lack meaning.  What’s going on here is that your boyfriend has fallen out of love and is starting to pull away from you slowly, explains Monroeville matchmaking experts.

Sex Is a Thing of the Past     

At one point in your relationship the two of you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.  Sometimes a man will avoid getting intimate so he can pull away from you—he might even tell you that good old famous excuse that he’s tired, which you know isn’t true.  When your love life declines, your relationship will too.

Nothing Is Said in Person

Before you noticed that your boyfriend was pulling away from you, the conversations you had were fun, interesting, and meaningful—the two of you knew how to make each other laugh and had inside jokes.  However, things have changed now and the two of you are not even able to have a conversation.  When the conversations become boring and useless, that’s a red flag something major is going on, explains Monroeville matchmaking experts.


He Doesn’t Make Any Promises

Usually the two of you are known for planning a vacation together every summer, but now he doesn’t commit to anything or even agree to go out with you.  This is a major sign your man doesn’t want to commit to anything serious involving you.  Making plans means he’ll have to spend more time with you—in a relationship he doesn’t want to be in anymore.

He’s Taking Some of His Things Back

A while ago he gave you one of his favorite hoodies which you adore more than anything in the world, but out of the blue last week he told you he’d like it back.  When a man is planning to leave a relationship you’ll notice he’s taking some of his things back.  The sudden take backs of his items is an indication he’s not staying long.

A Lot of Facebook Changes

In today’s modern world almost everyone has a Facebook account, and for couples this means having a joint picture as a profile picture.  It used to be an adorable picture of you and him at his work event, but now his profile picture is only him showing his muscles and how great he looks.  Surely, it’s a clear sign that he’s trying to put himself on the market again—he might have even hidden his relationship status so beware.

Fake Alibis

So you asked him to go out on a date with you last Saturday night and instead of accepting, he declined and gave you a fake excuse for why he could not go out with you—which you later realized was a completely fake alibi.  Usually when fake alibis come into a relationship, a breakup is on the horizon.

He Wants to Spend More Time Alone

This one is one of the most obvious signs something is wrong in your relationship, explains Monroeville matchmaking experts.  If your man is craving more alone time, more than the usual, then it is because he’s trying to distance himself from you.  Asking for alone time on a daily basis is a clear sign he isn’t interested in being with you.

His Friends Are Distant

Men tend to tell everything to their friends, especially male ones, about the course of their relationship.  If he is looking to end things with you, you might notice his friends become distant and less warming with you—they might even cancel plans all of you had together or even act a little hesitant of being around you, explains Monroeville matchmaking experts.

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