Monroeville Matchmaking Brings Helpful Tips for Dating Success

The Monroeville matchmaking team from Pittsburgh Singles have put together some helpful dating advice to help local singles improve their dating experiences by helping them keep their eyes and ears open, keeping them in a positive state of mind, and showing what counts when it comes to dating… So let’s get started!

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Wait a While to Have Sex

Regardless of how much your body and your mind are screaming yes for sex, leave it out of the equation for the first few months.  If you have sex before you get to know someone well, it could cloud your judgment, putting you in a justifying zone—that place that you go when you invest too much into someone too soon. 

Dating is a Discovering Phase

If you think about dating, it’s about discovering people and how much you click with them before you ever embark in a relationship.  The dating process is all about getting to know one another, even if what you learn is not what you like—it’s about the experience.

The Key to a Healthy Relationship is the Stuff you Share in Common

If you base your relationship only on sexual chemistry, you’re going to be disappointed because in order for a relationship to be successful you must share common values, explains the Monroeville matchmaking team.  If you’re only together because of sex, that will translate to a bad relationship down the road. 

Don’t Make Dating a Chore, Have Fun!

While it’s important for you to get out there and meet people, it shouldn’t be done as a chore or a vacation; otherwise, dating will lose its fun.  If it feels like an interview process you’re doing it wrong.  Loosen up and relax while on dates.

Don’t Date If You’re Not over Your Ex

It might feel like the best thing to do is to jump back in the saddle right after your breakup, but if you haven’t given yourself plenty of time to heal, you’re likely to end up sabotaging your dates.  It is also likely that you’re still going to be connected to your ex and this will create drama.  The Monroeville matchmaking experts urge you never to date until you have completely healed yourself—because it’s not fair for anyone you’re dating.

Online Dating is Available, But It’s Not Your Only Option

There are other more appropriate alternatives when it comes to finding love, such as a matchmaking service.  If you’re putting all your eggs in a basket, so to speak, you’re sabotaging your dating success by only relying on one method of finding love.  Get out there and explore other options and avenues of finding love.

Don’t Mention Your Ex

The only reason for you to say something about your ex is if you have a child together or they ask you a question.  You’re supposed to be getting each other while out on a date and if you are constantly talking about your ex, it’s going to show your date that you are still emotionally attached to them. 

Don’t Think You’re Dating Too Soon

Calm down a little bit, you might be going too fast.  You can’t expect to be with someone in a serious relationship if you’ve only been out on a handful of dates.  You will make the other person very nervous if you’re already calling them your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

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Remember to Act like You’re Worthy

Do not put your date on a pedestal so the only way they look at you is from up above.  This will create a dangerous imbalance in your relationship, warns the Monroeville matchmaking experts.  Be careful of getting too caught up with someone that it makes you blind to reality. 

Some People Will Not Be the Same as They Were On a First Date

Don’t think that everyone you go out on a first date with will act that same way throughout the remainder of the course of your relationship.  Everyone out on a first date is putting on a performance that will quickly fade into the real them. 

Boundaries Are Essential When It Comes to Dating

It is important for you to know your own limits and the things you cannot tolerate.  But what’s also important is for you to let your date know so they can respect them and not take advantage of you.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t make assumptions about what type of people they are based on their job or how much money they earn.  If you date in this type of way you’re limiting your chances of getting to know someone, but you’re also wasting their time and yours in the process. 

Get a Life of Your Own

You’re never going to meet a new person doing the same old routine every day, day in and day out.  Someone is not going to fall out of the sky while you’re mid grocery shopping on the same evening you do every week.  Step out of your comfort zone and try new things—who knows, it just might work out in your favor.

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Dating Takes Efforts

Sometimes you have to drag yourself out when you feel like staying at home and going to sleep.  Yes, the date might not be what you hoped for, but at the same time, it could be everything you hoped for—and you will never find out unless you go.

Enjoy the First Few Dates

There is no need to imagine their last name on yours or vice versa, there is no need to imagine spending the holidays together or how many children you will have down the road.  Basically, stop galloping too far into the future that you don’t enjoy the first few dates and the getting to know each other process. 

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Be careful of trying to judge a book by its cover.  Unless something horrendous happened on a date, the Monroeville matchmaking team encourages you not to judge someone based on just looks.  It often takes a handful of dates to see if you make a connection with someone so don’t write people off too soon.

Learn How to Say No

Much of the drama that happens when dating is when people are not able to say no.  There is nothing wrong with saying no and it also means you don’t have to agree with everything they say. 

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in Monroeville, contact the Monroeville matchmaking team at Pittsburgh Singles.  With Pittsburgh Singles, you’ll only meet busy professionals who are looking for the same thing out of dating as you are—finding love and settling down.

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