Monroeville Matchmaking Service Reveals the Right Way to Get Your Partner to Live with You

Monroeville matchmaking service, Pittsburgh Singles, reviews helpful ways to bring up the subject of moving in with a significant other.

Learn the secrets on how to convince your boyfriend it’s time to move in together and how to know if it’s the right decision as the dating experts from local Monroeville matchmaking service, Pittsburgh Singles, reviews them for you today.

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Are You Both Equally Committed?

Living with another person is nothing you want to rush into.  It is a huge step in a serious relationship.  People decide to move in together for many reasons—some are good and some are bad.  But the most important thing you need to be ready for is the commitment that both of you are going to have.  The worst mistake is for two people to move in together with different motives.  If your motives are not the same it could mean that you want different thing—that can lead to many misunderstandings and problems down the road.

Avoid this type of scenario by having a discussion with your partner.  When you know exactly what your motives are, then you will be able to approach the subject and express how you feel about it to ensure you’re both on the same page. 

He will probably feel more secure about his decision since he’ll be able to see you have already given it a lot of thought.  There is nothing scarier for a man than when he moves in with a woman who is going to dictate everything he does.  Anything to do with the future should be handled together with maturity and flexibility.  You have to show him how important he is to you as well as understand that this is a big decision that both of you need to make.

Convincing Has Nothing to Do with Being Manipulative

Don’t think that because you’re trying to convince your boyfriend to move in with you that you’re trying to change his completely.  It has nothing to do with controlling him, explains the Monroeville matchmaking team.  Your job is to convince him that you’re not messing around—you have to show him that you’re a mature female that you love him and you’re serious about taking the relationship to the next step.

You also have to let your boyfriend know that there is not pressure—and that the last thing you want is for him to feel uncomfortable.  This means you need to let him think about his decision and when he is 100% sure of his decision he can let you know how he feels about moving in with you.

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How to Approach the Subject of Moving In Together

There could be many different ways you could approach the subject, depending of course on your own situation.  For example, the idea could already be floating in the air because of your current living situation.  Perhaps your boyfriend needs to leave his apartment and look for another one.  Another situation could be financial struggle or wanting to save money for a bigger purchase.  Maybe one of you has to move due to work and the relationship will suffer if you don’t take things up a notch, or perhaps it’s now time to start a family. 

Decide the reasons you want to move in together with your boyfriend.  Is it because it’s practical or because it’s romantic—and make sure you’re clear which one it is before you have a conversation with him.  Being honest and upfront about everything will be the best way to communicate with him and avoid any misunderstandings, explains the Monroeville matchmaking team.

Perhaps the best way to bring the subject out into the air would be to throw the idea into a casual conversation just to see how he reacts.  Then, leave the idea there without touching it again.  You can come back to it another day and bring it up a second time—he will get the hint that you’re thinking about something, which will then have him thinking too.  Don’t try to push him.  At this stage, it’s best to let it flow at its own course; otherwise, your boyfriend could give you a response when he’s frustrated and you don’t want that.  Patience is important, reminds the Monroeville matchmaking team, especially for something as big as this.

If when you start talking to your boyfriend on a more serious level he is still not on board, then it might be time to accept that he’s not ready for that big jump and commitment yet.  And of course if he isn’t’ ready to do this, you don’t want to move in with someone who is not ready.  You need to make it clear to him that you are not angry or disappointed and that you will be happy when he finally is ready to move in. 

You might be surprised that as soon as you say those words your boyfriend will go home to think about the idea of moving in together.  Why?  Because suddenly there is no pressure.  You have confirmed to him that you’re independent, which is something men find very attractive.  By letting go of the pressure, you have also given him control of the whole idea.  Men can be weird like this.  If he thinks you’re trying to manipulate him, he just won’t do it, but as soon as he feels like he is in control and is the one who is making the decisions, suddenly it becomes exciting as it’s a challenge.  And guess what?  Men love that.

Try these ideas and have fun in the process.  It is a great way of finding out what your boyfriend wants and feels.  All you have to let him have control and sound a little reluctant and unsure and suddenly he will do whatever it takes to prove to you that it is a good idea.  It is essential that you allow him to generate his own interest, especially with something as important as moving in together, reminds the Monroeville matchmaking team.

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