Monroeville Singles Learn to Date with Depression

Dating experts in Monroeville provide helpful advice for Monroeville singles dating with depression.

A lot of people suffer from depression in today’s day in age, and there are many different reasons one might be hit with a bout of depression.  From a terrible breakup or just a bump in their life, depression can hit many times and for many people, it’s something that hits them every day with no end in sight.  If you are dealing with depression and think dating isn’t in the cards or that you should keep it away from your partner, the Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles have some helpful tips when dealing with depression in the dating world. 


Start by Taking Care of Yourself

When it comes to dating and depression, the most important thing you must remember is yourself.  You must take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally before you decide to jump into the dating world.  Before you can ever take care of a partner, you must be able to take care of yourself.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

You need to surround yourself with positive friends who are also hitting the dating scene.  Having a good support system when entering the dating world is crucial, but it’s even more important when you suffer from depression.  Being around positive people will help take the stress off of dating. 

Think Ahead

Depression and the challenges it brings can happen at any time, and this is why it’s very important to be mindful of your time.  If you know the week is already going to be a bad one, you might want to take a little time off from dating.  It’s nearly impossible to go on a date and have a good time if you are already suffering from depression and feeling down.  Think about it like this, would you want to go on a date with someone who was gloomy and sad?  Do you think you’re going to make a good first impression on your date if you’re feeling down and out?

Learn to Accept

Accepting is an important part of handling depression, but when you decide to enter the dating world again you must practice acceptance and just take it for what it is.  Just because you suffer from depression doesn’t mean you’re crazy.  Accept who you are as a person and others will do the same. 

Don’t Share It with Everyone

Suffering from depression should be something you keep to yourself for a while, because it’s something very personal.  Just because you’re going out on dates with different people doesn’t mean they have to know your whole life story.  If you share that you suffer from depression it could lead to a biased opinion and could make a great date feel a little bit awkward, explains Monroeville dating experts. 

Share It When Things Get Serious

On the other hand, if your relationship starts getting serious, then it’s okay to share that you suffer from depression.  While depression doesn’t have to define who you are, it does play a big part on how you act sometimes.  When things get serious with a partner, they do deserve to know, explains Monroeville dating experts.  Wouldn’t you want to know if your partner was suffering from depression?  Of course you would, and you would want to help them overcome their challenges.


Get Ready for Questions

Once you have shared with your partner that you suffer from depression, you need to be ready because they are going to ask you questions.  You might find your partner is very curious and wants to help you and find out why you suffer from depression.  If you have a supportive partner by your side, go ahead and explain away.  Let them know why you’re down, and if they’re serious about you and truly care about you, they’re going to want to help you overcome it.

Accept the Past & Learn from It

As you become more adapted to the dating scene, it’s likely that you will have developed certain dating patterns—now it’s very important you recognize your own strengths as well as weaknesses so you don’t commit them again.  Not learning from the past is a crucial mistake you don’t want to make in the dating world, explains Monroeville dating experts.  Know what you need and don’t need from a partner so you are best prepared for the dating world.

Think Ahead

When suffering from depression it can be very hard to see a bright future, especially when it comes to dating.  However, just because you suffer from depression doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an ideal partner and have a great life.  Monroeville dating experts suggest you always focus on the positive things about yourself—and know your self-worth.

Consider a Matchmaker

Matchmaking and introduction services are extremely popular in today’s society and for someone who suffers from depression, it could be a great option.  During those days of the week where you don’t feel like going out, a matchmaker will be your best help.  You can easily leave all the hassles of dating to your personal dating expert, while you continue to lead your life and do the things you enjoy. 

Don’t Use Depression as an Excuse

There are a lot of people in the dating world who try using depression as an excuse, but just because you suffer from depression doesn’t mean you will get a free pass in the dating world.  And just because some days will be tougher than others doesn’t mean you’ll be doomed for dating.  Accept it for what it is and grow from it; don’t let depression weigh you down.

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Focus on Your Dates

Suffering from depression makes you aware of your inner-suffering, which then will make you only want to focus on yourself.  This can make it very difficult to get to know someone when you’re constantly focusing on yourself while out on dates.  Instead, try to focus on your dates so you can get to know them.

Don’t Think a Relationship Will Make Everything Better

Relationships give us reassurance that we feel loved and wanted; however, don’t jump into the dating world thinking that’s what will cure you from your depression.  If you are using dating as a way to improve your self-esteem, you’re dating for the wrong reasons, explains Monroeville dating experts—you must love yourself first. 

Get Professional Help

Suffering from depression and low self-esteem can be very fatiguing, especially when dating.  Getting the help of a professional can definitely help you become stronger and help you manage your depression, which will then make you a better dater and better person in general.

If you’re looking to meet compatible Monroeville singles, contact Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service to set up a consultation today.  Their Monroeville dating team will give you the guidance, encouragement, and support you need when it comes to dating and finding someone special to settle down with.

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