Munhall Matchmakers with Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Back with Your Ex

Munhall dating & matchmaking service, Pittsburgh Singles, reviews the top reasons you should never get back with your ex.

Should you give him another chance or not?  That’s the question running through your mind.  Confused whether or not you should give him another chance?  Munhall matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service review the reasons it’s best to move on and put your ex behind you.

Should you really get back with an ex after they have destroyed your whole life?  The answer should seemingly be no, but then again, not every failed relationship can be categorized the same.  There are many reasons why you and your ex broke things off; whether it was because he had different goals, you weren’t compatible with each other, or he had trust issues, there was something that came between the two of you, something that made you crash and burn.

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Should You Give Your Ex One More Chance?

As much as people don’t want to hear this, the best thing you can do with an ex is leave them in the past.  Instead, you should take what you gained from the experience and move on with your life.  Today, Munhall matchmakers will review 6 reasons you should not give your ex another shot.

1. He Has Not Changed at All

People can be great talkers, but saying something and actually following up with it are two completely different things.  So if he is telling you he has changed a lot and constantly telling you how he is much different from the man he used to be, look for actions to prove it.  You know actions speak louder than words, so if your ex is telling you how trustworthy he has become, pay attention to how he explains it to you.  Are his behaviors and attitude trustworthy or is he skipping around important details about what he has been up to lately?  The bottom line is if what he’s doing isn’t lining up with what he is telling you, then you already know he hasn’t changed at all.

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2. There Is a Good Chance He Is Doing the Same Things

This one is closely related to the point above.  There is a good chance he is still doing the same things, which means you’ll experience the same problems again.  That’s right, similar problems are bound to happen again if you give the relationship another chance, explains Munhall matchmakers.  If he did not learn anything from the last time the two of you were in a relationship or did not take time to grow as a person, you are going to experience the same problems all over again, explains Munhall matchmakers.

Say for instance, during your first relationship together he was complaining about his unfortunate job situation and refused to do anything about it.  If he still has the same job now and refuses to do anything in attempts to change his future, then you already know you’re going to experience the same problems with him.  If he has not grown as a person and you have, you’re going to experience the same exact issues if you give the relationship another shot.  It’s better to skip these problems and move on with your life without him.

3. Your Friends Might Leave You

This is especially true if you have already given him plenty of chances in the past.  Remember that your girlfriends are the ones who hear all the horrible stories about what he has done and they’re not likely going to let you forget it.  Your friends will more likely try talking you out of giving him another chance, especially if they already know he doesn’t deserve you.  If you ignore their honest advice and give him another chance, then they are likely going to be upset, and with good reason.  And be warned, in many cases, girlfriends decide to abandon a friend because of this.  Don’t let it be you.  If you have already given him a few chances, show your friends you’re not going to get back with him.  Your friends love you and want the best for you, so you should trust the honest judgment.

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4. You Will Have to Let Your Family Know Why You Went Back with Him

This can surely put you in an awkward predicament, especially if the breakup was a nasty one.  Your family members already know the reason the two of you broke up, and if you decide to give him another chance, chances are they’re going to be holding a grudge against your ex.  Of course because they are your family, you are not the one at fault, so even if the breakup was mutual and the two of you are equally at blame, your family won’t see it that way and they will see him as the guilty one.  If you decide to give him another chance, your ex will have to explain it to your family and your family might not accept him at all.  This can truly make for a difficult relationship, explains Munhall matchmakers.

5. He Grew to Have More Annoying Habits

When we love someone and care for them, we tend to look past their nasty and irritating habits (his chewing with his mouth open, leaving wet towels thrown on the floor, or any annoying habits your ex might have had).  The truth is, since being split up, your ex might have gotten even worse over the weeks or you might not have noticed them the first time around.

6. Your Relationship Might Get Too Comfortable Right Away

Getting too comfortable too soon can reveal too many things.  As you have already dated him before, he might feel like he needs to pick up where the relationship left off—dirty laundry on the floor, dishes piled up in the sink, and cancelling date nights with no hesitation.  Whatever it was that angered you the first time around will happen again when you give him another chance.

The next time you find yourself wondering if you should give him another chance, ask yourself a question: Can you really look past these six reasons given to you above? Take your time, because your future is on the line.

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