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Pittsburgh Singles, a local Murrysville matchmaking agency, reviews helpful tips when it comes to dating and relationships.

Most women love chitchatting about their relationships, especially when things are going great or when they’re going very bad.  Women don’t mind revealing all those little details in hopes of getting advice from whomever their sharing it with.  Sounds familiar, right?  But no matter how much you like talking about your relationship, there are definitely some people you don’t want to talk to about it and today the Murrysville matchmaking experts from Pittsburgh Singles will break down exactly who those people are.  After all, not everyone who is going to lend you an ear deserves to hear your stories.

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Your Ex

If there is one person you don’t talk about your relationship with, it’s your ex-boyfriend.  Not only will talking to them create an awkward situation, but you’re also divulging information to someone you shouldn’t be talking to it about.  He could spread it around to people who should know nothing about your current relationship. 

At the same time, if you’re talking about your relationship with your ex, it’s probably because you’re doing a little bragging or fishing to hear about his dating life.  Don’t go to your ex because you want to stroke your ego or find out who he’s been dating. 

One of Your Single Friends

If you expect one of your single bitter friends to give you relationship advice, you’re expecting the wrong thing.  Plus, any advice they give you is most likely going to be bad advice.  A single bitter friend is more likely to have a bad attitude when it comes to dating and their advice will be biased, explains Murrysville matchmaking experts.  They could tell you all men are jerks and you should end your relationship simply because they’re single and want to see you single too. 

A Few of Your Co-Workers

When you spend a lot of your time at work it’s hard not to bring up the subject of dating and relationships altogether; however, even though you might feel you want to share certain things about your relationship with your co-workers, you need to refrain from doing so as things can go downhill fast.  One day you can share a private piece of information about your relationship and the next day the whole office will know about your business.  Be careful how much you share with those you work close to, warns Murrysville matchmaking experts. 

Thirsty Friends

While you might not have many thirsty female friends, everyone has at least one or two that stays single longer than usual.  One of those friends you don’t want to share any information about your relationship with is that friend who is dying to be in a relationship.  Even more importantly, you don’t want to share anything bad about your relationship with this person. 

A Gold Digging Woman

A gold digging woman only cares about finding a man who can provide for her for the rest of your life.  Even if she is your good friend, don’t expect to get good advice from her—she might even give you bad advice to break up with your current man so you can find one to take care of you financially. 

Mutual Friends

Once you start dating a man for a while, it’s likely you both share the same circle of friends and though it would make sense to go up to them for advice, sometimes going to mutual friends for dating advice isn’t the best idea.  A mutual friend will not be able to give you unbiased advice, explains Murrysville matchmaking experts—plus, it will create an awkward situation all around. 

A Feminist Friend

Similar to one of your girlfriends who is bitter and single, a feminist friend is not the best person to go to for dating advice.  A feminist friend will probably tell you to end your relationship because you don’t need to be in one to begin with.  This friend isn’t one to go to for advice, especially when you’re in a low point in your relationship.

Your Partner’s Friends

So you and your partner have hit a rough patch in your relationship and you want to see if his friends know what’s going on.  While this might sound like a good idea to you, this might make the situation awkward.  Plus, some of his friends might refuse to talk to you altogether.  Men don’t like talking behind their friends’ backs so don’t be surprised if they run and tell him you came to them for advice.

A Friend Who Can’t Stay in a Relationship

If you’re looking for good relationship advice, there is one friend you want to steer clear of and that’s a friend who can’t keep a relationship, warns Murrysville matchmaking experts.  Think about it, what type of relationship advice will you get from someone who can’t even make their own relationship last? 

A Friend Who is Always Settling

Sadly, there are women out there who will settle for anything that comes there way—and most likely, you have your own friend like this.  If you’re expecting to get good relationship advice, don’t go to her for it.  This woman will only tell you what she knows and what she knows isn’t good because she always settles. 

A Friend Who Is Always Judging

A friend who is always judgmental is not the right friend to go up to for relationship advice.  On one hand, they could be overly harsh and critical, putting bad thoughts in your head and further putting your relationship in trouble. 



No matter how close you are to your parents or you are to his, there is nothing good that comes out of going to them for relationship advice.  There is no need to share with them the problems of your relationship or tell them you argue every day.  Feel free to share an overview, but don’t go into each specific detail.


Maybe you have a younger sister who is 18 and you think that would be the best one to go to spill your guts and get advice.  While you might think this because they’re close to you, it is not advised to go to someone so young with no real dating experience.  If you want to vent that’s one thing, but getting advice from them is a completely different thing.

If you’re looking for more relationship advice or to meet and make meaningful connections, contact the Murrysville matchmaking experts at Pittsburgh Singles.  The matchmaking team will give you the guidance, support, and encouragement you need to achieve dating success.

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