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Pittsburgh dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles review some helpful tips for handling rejection in the dating world.

No matter how good looking, fun, or intelligent you might be, during your dating process you’re bound to face rejection at some point or another.  Sadly, but true, not every person you go out on a date with is going to be the one you click with, and at the end of the day, you’re bound to experience a little bit of rejection.  Rejection is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s even tougher when it’s coming from someone you really liked. 

Today, Pittsburgh dating experts from Pittsburgh Singles will provide you with some helpful tips on how to handle rejection in the dating world.

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Let All Your Emotions Come Out

When someone rejects you you’re bound to feel all types of emotions—anger, sadness, embarrassment, and foolishness.  When all these emotions come to you, it’s important to let them out.  Talk to one of your close friends and let them know how you feel.  Not the talking type?  Then, you can write them out in a journal.  The most important thing for you is to let all these feelings come out and learn how to deal through them.

Keep Your Expectations at Bay

In the perfect world, no one would ever reject you, right?  Every smile you give out would be returned with a phone number and setting up a date.  But the dating scene doesn’t really work like that—the dating scene has many harsh moments and you are going to experience them, and this is why it’s very important you keep your expectations at bay, explains Pittsburgh dating experts.  Don’t expect every person you go out with to be the one you settle down with for the rest of your life.  Understand that rejection is just one part of dating and you can move onto someone else.

Start Thinking in Numbers

No matter what you do or who you are, your life is based on percentages.  Think about it, when you go on a shopping spree you have to try on different outfits and different pieces in different sizes and colors before you create your masterpiece.  The same rule applies for dating—not every person you meet will be the one and you’ll have to date a few people before you ever find your masterpiece.  A little rejection might bring you down, but the more people you date, the better your odds are for being successful.

Don’t Overreact

As cliché as this might sound, you need to realize there are plenty of fish in the sea, and even though you might have been rejected by someone attractive doesn’t mean you won’t find someone more attractive than them.  There is no need to shut yourself off from the dating world because someone rejected you.  Don’t overreact about a situation because it’s not the end of the world.  There are plenty of other people better suited for you, reminds Pittsburgh dating experts, so don’t ever allow yourself to give up.

Don’t Hate Yourself

Rejection can make you feel like less of a person—you might start criticizing the way you look, your weight, your height, and everything in between.  You’ll start picking at everything about yourself, focusing only on the negative things.  Don’t let rejection from someone completely ruin and destroy your self-esteem.  There is nothing wrong with you, it’s just that it was not meant to be.

Move onto Someone Else, But Not Too Soon

If you happen to get rejected, there is no need to slow down your dating game, explains Pittsburgh dating experts.  At the same time though, you don’t want to rush into something else too soon because that will only be a rebound relationship.  One person rejecting you means nothing in the long run, so there is no need to avoid dating after such a setback.


Relax & Pamper Yourself

There is no better way to get feeling better about yourself than planning an entire day to pamper yourself.  Go out and get a mani and pedi, book yourself a full day at the spa and get a relaxing massage.  Being able to relax and refresh your mind will allow you to let go of any negative feeling you might have inside.  No one has time to think about the negatives when being spoiled and pampered at the local spa.

Be Happy You Took a Chance

Asking someone on a date, approaching them, and expressing your feelings is very risky in the dating world, and even though things did not turn out the way you had hoped for, you need to praise yourself for the risk you took, explains Pittsburgh dating experts.  Not everyone has the self-confidence, courage, and strength to have done what you did.  Realize that and move on from your experience.

Remember, Not Everyone Is the Same

Just because one person rejected you doesn’t mean the next one will too.  Don’t get yourself in that mindset that you’re destined to fail, that there is something wrong with you, and that all people are the same.  The fact is, everyone is different and there is bound to be one person out there who will be perfect for you.  The person who rejected you isn’t meant for you.  The next time you become interested in someone, they might be interested in you too so don’t allow yourself to hold back because of a fear of rejection.

Have a Fun Night Out

Besides from relaxing and spending a full day at the spa, there is another way to keep your mind off someone who rejected you, and that is to hit the town for a fun night out—go to a local club or bar and have a few drinks.  Just because someone rejected you doesn’t mean you need to isolate yourself from the world.  Get out there, have fun, and who knows… You might meet someone who is interested in you while you’re out letting loose and having fun.

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