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Pittsburgh matchmakers explain how to know if he is a fixer-upper or one you should simply move on from in the dating world.   

Does the man you’re dating still act like he’s fifteen?  Are you wondering if you are his girlfriend or his therapist?  A lot of times, it can be very difficult to tell if a man is worth the effort, so in case you’re wondering if he is one you should invest your time in or move on from, Pittsburgh matchmakers have come up with a list of personalities you should definitely consider staying away from in the dating world.

It’s no secret that people in the dating world have baggage, and as we get older we tend to accumulate more baggage—it’s sort of like collecting things around the house.  A lot of times we have to accept the baggage that comes from the person we’re dating; after all, nobody is perfect, not even you.  But many times, he could have so much it’s just better to cut your losses and move on from him.  Here are a few personality types you need to keep your eye out for, and a few things to consider before you give him up altogether.


He Doesn’t Have His Life Together

It doesn’t matter his age, at some point or another, he needs to realize his life is a priority and get his things together.  A lot of men start getting their lives together in their 20’s, others in their 30’s, but whatever the case might be, he should at least start putting in some efforts to figuring it all out.  If he is still partying like he’s in college and could care less about this life, you need to move on from him because he is not worth dating.

He Has Kids to Different Moms

If the man you’re dating has children floating all over the place, to different moms who are always creating drama, then this type of man is one you should move on from.  This rule doesn’t usually apply to men who have been married in the past; however, it does apply to those players who refuse to take responsibility for their children, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers. 

He’s Emotionally Unstable

We can all be a little emotionally insecure, but if your man is crying over the littlest things and throws tantrums for no reason at all, then maybe he is not quite emotionally mature.  All men do have feelings, and they should definitely be in touch with their deeper emotions and be able to express them to their girlfriend, however, you shouldn’t date a man who relies on you to be his therapist.

He Behaves Like a Frat Boy

Does your man like to go out partying every night?  Does he like to hang out on the weekends and get completely inebriated?  Does he continue to live his life like he’s 25 when he is in fact 40?  If so, it is definitely time to move on from him.  However, if you met him at a party and he starts to settle down when he starts dating you, then he could be one you can give a chance to, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.  Sometimes it just takes a woman worth settling down for to stop going out all the time.

He Never Has Cash

Everyone has experienced some downtimes with cash; after all, no one has it like Donald Trump.  However, if your man has no job and uses you to support him, and he isn’t putting in any efforts for finding a job, then he is definitely that type of guy to stay away from.  

On the other hand, if he works hard yet doesn’t have a lot of money to spare, you can go ahead and give him a chance—he might just be in a rough spot right now.  A hardworking and responsible man is another story, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers, that’s the integrity and character of a quality man.  If this is the case, you can suggest ideas of staying in instead of going out on the town until he gets his money situation under control.


He Doesn’t Have a Car

Here is something most women don’t know how to handle.  While on paper it sounds like he’s a dud, he might actually not be, because there are plenty of people without a car who prefer to use city transportation.  He might never get a car, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to get around the city or handle his finances.  Unless there are other things that make you wonder beyond his car situation, you shouldn’t write him off altogether, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.

He’s a Toy Collector

Men collect weird things and that’s just what they do, and the older they get, sometimes the fancier those toys get.  Now, you might find his collection to be a little weird, but that doesn’t mean he’s a creep or an extravagant spender—he’s just a guy.  So who cares, let him have his collectible trains, his Sci-fi movie collection, or his boats and toys for the summer—it makes the gift shopping for him a lot easier.

He Doesn’t Share His Feelings

If a man is secretive about his feelings towards you, then this could go either way.  During the early stages of a relationship, a man is usually unsure about his feelings—and this is normal, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.  However, if the two of you have dated for a year and he hasn’t let you know how he feels for you, then he may not be quality relationship-material.  If this is the case, it’s up to you to talk to him about it and where things are going between you two. 

You’re kept a Secret

If you have been dating a man for several months and none of his friends or family know about you, then he’s keeping you a secret.  This isn’t a quality man to date.  If a man isn’t proud to introduce you to his family or friends, move on.  This man obviously has something to hide… otherwise, he would’ve introduced you to those close to him.  Get rid of this man before he destroys your heart.

While it can be a little difficult to figure out whether a man is a fixer-upper or a dating world dud, it all boils down to the way he behaves with you, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.  If he is caring, behaves like a gentleman and works hard, then he’s definitely worthy of a relationship, but if he’s freeloading, blames you for everything, and uses you, then he’s not worthy of your time and you should definitely move on.

If you’re tired of meeting disappointing men, contact Pittsburgh Singles matchmaking team to find out how they can help you meet quality men, men who are worthy of your time and serious about settling down. 


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