Pittsburgh Matchmakers Reveal Signs Your Girlfriend is Furious

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The longer you’re involved in a relationship, the easier it becomes to read a woman—you can figure out when she’s in a good mood or you can tell when she’s mad at you.  You can literally tell anything once you’ve been dating for a while—and you’re also attuned to when she’s completely angry.  At least that’s what you think, right? 

But she’s been acting differently lately, and though the cause of her mood is nothing obvious, she could be angry at something.  But angry about what you might be asking?  The first step is to think back to the last few days and analyze if you did anything to put her in a bad mood.  If nothing comes to your mind, it could be something you didn’t do.  Yes, something you didn’t do. 

Only if she would’ve given you a specific sign.  But the truth is, sometimes you need to read in between the lines.  “Nothing,” or, “I’m fine,” isn’t what it really means.  Sometimes, you need to look for things that are hidden. 

Today, the dating and relationship experts at Pittsburgh Singles will review a few hidden signs that will tell you you’re girlfriend is angry. 

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She Doesn’t Initiate Contact

Women are usually known for making the first contact throughout the day.  She will call to make plans, she’ll call to ask questions, or just to talk to you.  But if suddenly your phone doesn’t ring or there aren’t any emails, she is angry and wants to have no contact with you at all. 

She hasn’t texted you, she hasn’t emailed you, or even Facebooked you.  Suddenly, you find yourself being the first one to initiate contact. 

She’s Short with Her Answers

Normally the conversation between the two of you in text messages or emails reads like a novel, but the past few days her answers have been short and cold and right to the point.  In some cases, her response only involved a yes or no answer.  If a woman is mad, she won’t get into details—especially if it’s something her boyfriend did.  So if you are getting one-liners or one word answers you know there is something brewing.

Her Responses are Delayed (If they even come)

Pittsburgh matchmakers know that for a woman who is always on her phone, if she is taking an unusual amount of time to respond to your calls, emails, and texts, it’s likely because she is mad at you. 

If she replies to you late it’s because she doesn’t want to be as inconsiderate as you’ve been in the past few days and she responds out of her own kindness.  When your text messages or calls come in, she’s probably spending a few minutes biting her tongue instead of telling you what is really on her mind. 

The Conversation Stops

Women have always been known to be talkative—whether it’s making plans for dinner or talking about their day—so if you find that you’re the person who has to keep the conversation going or you have to be the one to initiate the conversation, it means she doesn’t want to talk to you—she especially doesn’t want to have lengthy conversations with you right now.  Be worried if the conversation with your girlfriend ends in a few minutes if you usually can’t get her to stop talking. 

She Seems Weird, But Happy

You’ve been together long enough to know when your partner is truly happy and excited about something—whether it was a dinner date, a weekend getaway, or a home improvement project you’ve been doing together, but lately she’s been acting kind of weird in a happy way.  She could be a little sarcastic and she’s doing this because it’s a display of false pleasure to tell you that she’s not really happy about something.  She knows that her normal way of tell you that she isn’t happy isn’t working so she has to be over-the-top in order to get her point across.

She’s Not Affectionate Anymore

Women are generally known for being the affectionate sex and there likely hasn’t been a day throughout your relationship in which she has not been affectionate towards you, right?  Calm down, the Pittsburgh matchmakers are referring to physical contact, such as holding hands, wrapping her arms around you, or hugging you good morning.  But lately, she hasn’t touched you at all—and that is a huge sign there is something wrong.  It is possible not to make contact in a day, but if something goes on for a few, she is angry. 

She Doesn’t Care About Your Choices

Because she’s been dating you for a long time she knows your preferences as well as she knows her own… she knows your favorite types of food, the music you don’t like, and the movies you won’t watch.  But now that it’s dinner time, she comes with your least favorite type of meal, the TV is playing that awful reality show you hate, and that reggaeton music blasting in the background is enough to make you cringe.  She’s doing this because she’s angry at you and she wants you to know it.

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She Makes Something Small into a Big Deal

Experienced Pittsburgh matchmakers know that eventually, her pent up anger will explode.  By now, you have probably done a few things that erk and annoy her—and all these little things are building up inside of her until she finally explodes over something little and insignificant.  So while she is yelling at you at the top of her lungs over the leaky faucet, it’s because there is something bigger on her mind.

She Calls You by Name

Since the beginning of your relationship, the two of you have given each other pet names, such as babe, Hun, and sweetie… you cannot even remember the last time she called you by your real name.  Actually you can, because she used your real name today.  When a woman calls a man by his real name, it’s because something is going on.

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on and why your girlfriend has been acting weird or distant, analyze these behaviors the Pittsburgh matchmakers have reviewed for you today.  If these are the odd behaviors you’re currently experiencing from her, it’s safe to say she’s angry with you for something.  It’s time you have a discussion with her and resolve any issues you’re having. 

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