Pittsburgh Matchmakers Reveal the Signs You’re Guilty of Serial Monogamy

Do you fall in love easily? Find out what it means with dating & matchmaking service in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles.

Do you go from one relationship to another?  Use the following signs to determine if you’re a serial monogamist who gets bored of your relationships quickly.

Are you someone who has a series of different relationships behind them?  Are you in an unhappy relationship because you fear being single?  Do you notice it has become a pattern with the people you date?  If you have been dating someone for some time now but the two of you are not able to take things to the next level, it’s possible you may be a monogamist.


What is a monogamist?

If you have never heard of the term monogamist, then we’ll go ahead and tell you what it means.  A monogamist is a person who is exclusively with one partner; however, if you are a serial monogamist, you’re someone who will continue to be in different relationships; one after another without taking a break.  A serial monogamist is someone who believes in true love and always finds themselves in a relationship somehow.  Being a serial monogamist has its ups and downs.  On one hand, the bonus, you are monogamous.  You will never betray your partner and you don’t look highly upon infidelity.  On the other hand, if the relationship doesn’t have that spark, you’ll quickly move on to someone else in hopes of finding it.

Signs You Are a True Monogamist

We should tell you one thing, and that is that anyone can be a serial monogamist; both men and women can be monogamists. On the negative side of this, many people might see it as a turn off and will steer clear of dating someone who has this problem.  Do you think you are a serial monogamist?

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles will reveal the signs so you can figure out what you need to change so you can comprehend yourself better.

1. You Form Relationships Easily

Some people might even believe that you start them too easily.  A serial monogamist doesn’t have any problem finding dates, and there is normally a quick chemistry between two people, which might have you feeling butterflies in your belly.  Often times, you might commit to them too soon; meaning after only know them for a short time, you start calling them your boyfriend or girlfriend.  There might even be times when you start talking about moving in together after only seeing each other for a few short weeks.  But eventually, all these quick to start relationships end and you move on to a different person.

2. You Dislike Dating

You hate dating.  You almost hate it so much you avoid it at all costs.  Although you like the idea of being in a relationship, when it comes to getting out there and dating, well, you just cannot stand it.  You are all about being in a relationship, but want to do it without putting in efforts and dating different people.  You want a partner and you want them now!


3. You Are Rarely Single

Are you the type of person who hangs onto a relationship for as long as you can, even if it makes you unhappy?  Do you do it because the thought of being single is worse than sticking with your bad relationship?  Do you fear you will be alone forever?  If you are the type of person who bounces from relationship to relationship, then our Pittsburgh matchmakers know you may be a serial monogamist.  A serial monogamist needs a partner to make them feel complete, so perhaps it is because you are insecure and need to have constant attention from your partner, but this only proves that you are not ready to be in a relationship.

4. Right after the Breakup, You’re Already in Another Relationship

This one goes hand in hand with rarely being single.  If you are always looking for a rebound relationship or believe that the fastest way to get over someone is to get under someone, then you are a serial monogamist.  Sometimes, when serial monogamists start to feel that their relationship is coming to an end, they will keep their options open.  They will start looking for prospective partners even before their relationship is over, that way they’re ready when it finally ends.

5. You Would Rather Have Quantity than Quality

At first, things might go great in a relationship; there might be a lot of chemistry, but it usually ends very quickly.  You not only go from relationship to relationship, but they usually don’t last very long, and this is because you have low expectations.  Since you’re someone who is scared of being single, it’s inevitable that quality is put aside because you take anything that comes your way.

6. You’re Very Romantic

It’s true.  You believe that true love exists, and you do believe in being with one partner for the rest of your life, but if you can’t see that with the person you’re dating, you end things right away.  You are constantly looking for a new partner.  Every time you meet someone new, you’re always sure that person will be the one, but then someone else comes along and the process begins all over again.

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7. You Want Something Serious But Won’t Commit to It

Don’t get us wrong, serial monogamists do want a serious relationship; they do want to take it to the next step, whether it’s moving in together or getting married, but for some odd reason, they cannot do it.  After reaching a certain point in a relationship, after being together for a number of months or even a year, everything starts to fall apart.  You begin to feel trapped, you pick fights, and the arguments start.  But why is this?  Is it because of your fear to take things to the next level?  Whatever it is, this is the point you end it and call it quits.

Do You Think You Are a Serial monogamist?

Do any of these signs fit you?  If you are still unsure of whether or not you are a serial monogamist, it’s time to take a closer look at your previous relationships.  If you notice any of the above signs from our Pittsburgh matchmakers, do yourself a favor and wean yourself off your intimacy issues and your fear of boredom.  If you’re single, don’t worry.  First, try to understand yourself and your real wants in a relationship before you embark in a new one.

If you’re struggling to attract and keep a long term partner, you may need to take a little break from dating to rediscover yourself and improve any aspects of your life that need improving.  If you’re experiencing low self-esteem, we want you to work on improving your confidence by doing things that make you feel good; set goals and go after them.

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