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Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service explore your options for choosing between two attractive men you’re interested in dating.

Deciding on which man to date can be one of the most confusing things for women, but what happens if it happens to you and you must make the choice?  Eenie, meanie, miney, mo, catch a man by his toes… Wait, you’re going from being single to now having two men to choose from?  And what’s worse is that you are attracted to both of them?  Sounds like you are in a huge dating dilemma. 

On one hand, you’re totally lucky because not many women get that opportunity, right?  On the other hand, you must make a decision that is going to leave someone hurt and disappointed.  So, yes, you are in a difficult position right about now, but you can’t drag things along anymore, a decision must be made right now or you might be headed right back to square one.  Don’t panic, Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service have some helpful tips to help you choose which man is right for you.  


Review the Qualities of Each Man

It’s time to bring out two of your trusted old friends, a pen and paper—and write down a list of pros and cons from each man.  This might sound childish to you, but it’s one of the best ways to make a choice between two men and figure out which one will be your right partner, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers. 

Start writing and come up with a list with all the qualities you think are important to you when it comes to a relationship and a partner.  Treat it as though it was a shopping list but don’t be too superficial with your list because looks are not everything.  Write down important qualities such as intelligence, compassion, thoughtfulness, humor, ambition and independence.  You should also write down things such as if he is a family man, if he has ever been married, has had children and if he has a steady job—along with other things that are important to you. 

Every woman is different with what she wants in a partner, but if you’re looking for a good long term partner, choose the man who fills out more of those boxes.  Don’t get too crazy and obsessed with having one of these candidates fit all of the boxes because that would be impossible.  Remember, no man in the world is perfect—you just have to find the one who complements you and your lifestyle.  

How Compatible Are the Two of You?

Okay, so you don’t have to share everything in common, but there are a few important factors you must have in common in order to determine whether or not your relationship will last, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.  These compatibility factors include personality, life choices, family background, religion, career, goals, beliefs and values.  Is he the type of man who is happy staying working as a store attendant or does he want to take over the whole company? 

Ambition is an important quality in a man.  His future plans are also important to you.  Does he see himself having children?  Is he financially secure?  Being financially secure doesn’t mean he’s going to be rolling in money, but you need to know he can hold his own without having to borrow from you.  And if you’re looking to start a family, you need to know if he will be able to provide for what you hope to have down the road.  After you have written your list, take a good look at it and rank each man accordingly.  This will give you a good idea of which one is going to win.

Compare & Compare Again

Okay, so it’s not usually suggested to compare men because everyone knows that no two men can ever be the same, but making a comparison is something you must do.  Compare the two men and see which of the two suitors will be best suited to date you.  Again, your two good old trusted friends will come into play here. 

On your previous list you wrote all qualities in relationship to each man—don’t forget to take into consideration and weigh each quality.  For example, if you think that being ambitious is more important than being physically attractive, then write that.  This exercise is going to make your choice a lot easier because you will be able to see which one of the two men will be right for you, which one will be a good fit for you in the long term.

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Now, the Deal Breakers

So you have taken a closer look at all the positive things from the two men, but now is the time to write down all the things you can’t put up with in a relationship, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.  Perhaps you won’t tolerate a boyfriend who doesn’t know how to compromise, maybe you won’t put up with negativity, or maybe you don’t want a partner who doesn’t want children—write these things down.  Perhaps another major deal breaker might be that he is still in contact with his ex.  Do either of these men fit into any of these boxes?  If they do, it’s a mark against them.

How Do You Feel?

Imagine as though you’re facing a lot of stress right now and you need to know you’re going to make the right choice.  Step away from your list for a second and figure out how you feel for each man.  How do you feel when you spend time with each man?  Which of the two bring joy to you?  Who do you feel secure with?  Who do you have the most fun with?  Which one is the most loving and caring?  Who are you most sexually attracted to?  And the biggest question of all, who makes you weak in the knees?

Of course, at the end of the day, you’re going to miss the company of the man you don’t pick; however, it’s best to let him go so he can find his ideal partner; after all, you never want to string two men along.  Remember, you must think carefully because it could be the worst mistake of your life to make the wrong decision because you were basing everything off his looks or bank account.  Pittsburgh matchmakers remind you to take into consideration everything about each man, including qualities you want in a partner and deal breakers you can’t live with—all these things will help you choose the man best cut out for you.

If you’re single and looking to meet quality men in the Pittsburgh area, contact Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service today and let them help you find the man you’ve always dreamed of.

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