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Pittsburgh matchmaking experts take on women who like sports and the difficulties they face

With summer almost here and the NFL draft in full affect, it’s no surprise to see and hear women talking about sports, especially here in Pittsburgh.  Surely, every woman has her favorite team she enjoys rooting for and is proud to rock their jersey (and any other type of fan equipment); however, a lot of times, women are not taken seriously when it comes to sports.  Today, the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review the challenges women face as they explore some reasons they’re often not taken seriously in the sports world.   

People Think They’re Only in It for Men

In most sports, there are athletes who are very good looking and there is nothing wrong with admiring that; however, women are bound to catch a lot of heat from men who think they only watch games because they like to stare at the hot players in their formfitting uniforms, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  You might think Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward are good looking, but if you don’t want to catch slack, let everyone know you’re watching the game, not the players on the field. 


People Think You Watch It Because Your Partner Does

A lot of people also tend to believe women are only into sports because their partners are.  If your man likes to watch the NFL from beginning to end, people will assume you watch it because he does and you have no choice in the matter.  Forbid you start enjoying the sport because people will judge you—you can watch anything you want without having to give any explanation or reason behind it, reminds Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.

You Get Excited for the Wrong Reasons

Hooting and hollering is definitely an exciting thing that comes along with football.  When you are watching the game with a group of people, most people might only shout when they shout, but not you though—you get excited at the wrong times and people give you the eyes—making you feel completely awkward and out of the loop.  To avoid this awkward situation or glaring eyes during the game, be sure you know what you’re shouting about.

Your Girlfriends Don’t Want to Watch the Game

While you might want to talk about the game, most of your friends are busy watching the latest reality TV show.  This can make it really hard for you to make a connection with your girlfriends, especially when none of them are into sports—and it becomes an even tougher task trying to convince them to watch the game with you.

Men Are Condescending Towards You

Men like to think they’re the only ones who should be watching sports—and the only ones who know what goes on in the games.  So when you have a question about the game or a penalty call, you’re sure to get a cold shoulder from all the men in the room.  This isn’t only annoying, but it will make you feel dumb.

You Don’t Behave Like a Lady

When you’re watching the game with your partner and a few female friends, you’re bound to cross the line.  Beer flying all over the place, pizza and chips in hand, and screaming at the top of your lungs—surely, some curse words will even be thrown in the mix and your masculine side will come out to play.  So after a big game night, prepare for some of your friends or partner to call you anything but a lady.


You’re Always Quizzed to Prove You’re Being Real

When you tell someone you’re into the Pittsburgh Steelers, you’re subject to a long quiz to figure out if you’re a true fan.  You’ll be asked who they played recently, the old school players, how times they’ve been to Super Bowl and other questions that don’t necessarily prove a thing… In the end, this is the treatment a female gets for being into sports.

You Get a Little Slack for Not Liking Female Sports

Since you’re a woman who is into sports, men and women expect you to be a fan of women’s basketball, women’s tennis, and even swimming, but once you admit you’re not into those things, you’ll be ridiculed for not supporting women’s sports.  Female sports to you are just not that exciting, but you’ll catch a lot of slack for it, no doubt.

No One Listens to Your Opinion

Everyone knows that men tend to go back and forth during football games—maybe it’s talking stats, discussing a player, a ref, or even a play—but if you have something to contribute, whether it’s actual truth or not, good luck trying to get them to listen to your opinion.  Even if your opinion is insightful, a lot of men will just brush it off.

You Aren’t Included in Fantasy Football

Aside from watching the real games, once the season starts everyone goes flying to the internet to create their own fantasy team.  This is where friends and co-workers compete against each other because it makes everything a lot more exciting.  However, most of the time, you’re left out of the fun because no one wants to play with you.

Your Fan Gear is Excessive

Creating jerseys designed for women wasn’t really a bad idea, but the gear that is designed for women can tend to be a little over the top to most men.  Nowadays, you it can be hard to find any normal looking fan gear for women; instead, everything is pink, glittery, or sequined.  Wearing outfits like this makes men not take you and your love for sports seriously.


You Are Known for Cancelling Plans to Watch the Game

So the game was supposed to come on at 5, and you made plans to go out with the ladies at 5:15-5:30, but the game is in overtime and you would never miss your game… What do you do?  Cancel.  Admit it, you have had to cancel plans because of your love for sports. 

Holidays Equal No Game for You

The Thanksgiving football day is one of the most tuned into days of the season… But when your boyfriend and family members are visiting, the woman (you) is expected to do all the cooking and hosting.  This means serving beer, game time snacks, and taking care of the Thanksgiving feast itself—this means you don’t get to enjoy your favorite game.

If you’re a sports loving woman who is struggling to find compatible men in the dating world, contact the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service and let them help you.  They’ll only introduce you to quality men who fit your lifestyle and dating criteria. 


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