Pittsburgh Matchmaking Experts Teach You How to Avoid Conflict When Fighting

Arguments are never the fun part of a relationship, and let’s be honest, they do cause a lot of tension.  Today, our Pittsburgh matchmaking experts at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will show you how to put an end to them quickly.

Don’t you hate that tension that comes after having an argument with your partner?  You know, the one where you feel like you’re walking on eggshells.  It’s very awkward; you’re no longer annoyed anymore, but you are just left feeling awkward because things will not go back to normality.

You might wonder if your partner is still mad at you or whether they’re still hovering between arguing and normality.  Neither partner wants to make amends first, neither partner wants to talk or even make eye contact.  Neither of you have any clue what to do.

Our Pittsburgh matchmaking experts know this can definitely be frustrating.  The argument is now over, so why is it so hard to move on?  If you keep on going with this type of awkwardness post-argument, you are just going to keep harboring negativity, which will eventually damage your relationship.


How to Put an End to the Awkwardness after the Argument

Arguments are already bad enough for a relationship, let alone that extra period of time and awkwardness afterwards.  We need to learn how to resolve conflict and move on quickly so we don’t waste our time being confused afterwards.

Today, the most popular matchmaking agency in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service, will provide you with some helpful tips for you and your partner to finally snap out of that awkward stage after the fight.

Avoid the Fight at All Costs

We think that by now we can all agree that some arguments are just silly for a relationship.  A few days later you will just laugh and giggle at these arguments, so is it really worth arguing over with your partner?  Don’t belittle or bash your partner at the first sign of an argument.  You need to understand that it’s possible to discuss an issue without being overly aggressive.  And quite often, the issue will be resolved quicker if you don’t fly off the handle.  Our Pittsburgh matchmaking experts want you to take a deep breath and learn to control your temper.  Listen to what your partner has to say without interrupting them, listen to their opinion and don’t act.  Even if you’re the only one who is handling the situation this way, your partner is more likely to follow in your footsteps.

It’s Okay to Let Go & Not Hold Grudges

The awkwardness and tension after an argument usually happens because we don’t allow ourselves to let the disagreement go.  Instead, we sit in silence, continuing on with the disagreement in our minds.  Remember that holding grudges in your relationship isn’t healthy.  You can make the decision to put it behind you.  Even if something has annoyed you or made you mad, you need to finally let it go.  An argument is never as important as you think it is.  Your happiness and the longevity of your relationship is way more important.  If you continue to hold onto negative things, they will cling onto you and thrive.  So finally, forget them, let go, and move on.

Don’t Try to Analyze Everything

After each argument, we often feel the need to justify our actions and examine what led to the argument.  Going over what caused the argument in the first place and trying to figure out the misunderstandings is helpful to a certain degree, but on the contrary, doing so will not allow you to move on and let go of that argument.  If you keep reliving that argument in your head, you run the risk of reigniting the argument.  Be cautious and try to keep the analyzing to a minimum.  Accept the fact that arguments and misunderstandings happen in every relationship.  Try to let go of the awkward silence after the argument so you and your partner can return to normality.

Show Your Partner Physical Affection

A lot of times, we sit in silence after an argument because we don’t feel like using any more words.  But don’t forget the good old saying, actions speak louder than words.  Show your partner that it’s all in the past by displaying a gesture of affection.  Even if one of you is still clenching your teeth, bringing in a little intimacy will definitely break the ice the two of you are experiencing after your argument.

Apologize If You Were in the Wrong

We all say things we regret during the heat of an argument, and often times, arguments arise because we don’t understand the intentions of our partners.  What’s more is that it’s unusual that your partner is the only person wrong.  In fact, for an argument to happen, two people must have a misunderstanding.  You have more likely spent the majority of the argument trying to explain to your partner what they have done wrong.  Now, our Pittsburgh matchmaking experts want you to recognize what you have done wrong and apologize for it.  By doing so, your partner will start to follow in your footsteps and apologize for their mistakes as well.  You might want to save face because you don’t want to damage your ego, but by simply apologizing you will put an end to the argument and allow the two of you to move on, back to normality.

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Change the Environment

It’s easy to remain in an awkward stage if you stay in the same place you were arguing.  No one wants to be the one to make the first move back to normality.  Our Pittsburgh matchmaking experts want you to bite the bullet and suggest changing the scenery.  Perhaps you can go to a coffee shop or go out to dinner.  Changing the environment is a quick way for the two of you to go back to normality.

So the next time you’re encountering an argument, just remember these helpful tips to avoid post-argument awkwardness in your relationship.

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