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Pittsburgh matchmaking experts from local dating service, Pittsburgh Singles dish out the unexpected things men immediately notice about a woman.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a man’s mind the moment he meets you?  Do you ever wonder if there is something specific he is noticing about you?  Rest assured he’s noticing something.  Today, the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review the top things men immediately notice about you.

It isn’t easy to tell what is running through a guy’s mind, but what is easy is to know what he notices about you.  After all, men are very visual creatures and he notices little things you might not even realize he pays attention to.  So before you go to one of our introductions, a blind date, or you’re just at the supermarket and meet a stunning man, here are a few things men notice about you upon first meeting you.  Be sure to keep these things in mind so you can present yourself well. 

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Your Smile

Probably the first thing any man will notice about you is your smile, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  While not all men are into teeth, your smile tells him everything he needs to know.  With your smile he will know if you’re genuine, friendly, warm or sarcastic.  Perhaps you have a hesitant type of smile, which could tell him you’re shy, but whatever the case might be, he will notice it—and if it isn’t a genuine and open smile, he isn’t going to be interested in getting to know you anymore. 

How You Interact with Others

Have you ever noticed the way a man interacts with others?  Do you make judgments based on his kindness, his manners, and attitude?  If so, you can count on him doing it to you too.  It’s true, men notice these aspects about women, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  If you are downright disrespectful to the waitress, the cab driver, or the cashier at the supermarket, he’s going to notice and he isn’t going to like it.  If you are apologetic for something you didn’t do, he’s going to judge you and think you don’t have a backbone or any self-esteem.  Believe it, men notice everything.

Your Hair

Of course men will notice your hair—he will notice the color, the shine, the length, your hairstyle, and if he’s near you, he’s also going to notice the smell—which is the main point here.  It is essential that your hair is nice and clean—bad odor is a big no-no, warns Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.

Your Eyes

Men are into eyes, and the first thing they will notice about your eyes is of course the color and the shade of them.  They are also going to notice whether or not you engage your eyes when you talk to them—eye contact is a must, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  Besides, he’s probably looking to get lost in your gorgeous eyes.

The Way You Laugh

A man notices many things about a woman, and laughter is definitely in the top five.  The way you laugh is going to keep him interested or possibly push him away.  If you giggle and crack up laughing at everything he says, at inappropriate times, he’s going to get annoyed.  Laugh only when appropriate, but don’t hold back when something he says is genuinely funny—this will boost his self-esteem and make him want to be around you, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  After all, everyone wants to be in the company of someone who is fun and knows how to let loose and have a good time.

How Confident You Are

Women who are confident are more successful in the dating world.  Confidence is something you wear like a stylish sweater—either you have it or you don’t.  While many women have days where they don’t feel the best, a man will notice a woman who is self-assured.  You don‘t have to be arrogant or into yourself, just be comfortable in who you are as a woman, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  Confidence is a huge turn on for both sexes.

Your Clothes

Okay, everyone knows that clothes will make a man, but it also works the other way around.  Men will look at you more if you’re wearing a feminine top and you are bound to get more attention when you’re all dressed up.  So if you’re looking to impress him, pull out your best outfit and rock it with pride.  Trust this one, which also brings us to the next point… never wearing something old and raggedy, unflattering, or inappropriate, especially on a date.

Your Manners

Just like the way you interact with other people, a man will also notice your manners.  Do you chew your food with your mouth open?  Do you hold the door for older ladies?  Do you say thank you to him for holding the door for you?  How about thanking him for the dinner?  Manners are very important and they also tell him what type of person you are, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  While you don’t have to be Miss Perfect, you definitely have to follow good manners on your dates.  So remember your T’s and Q’s while out with him.

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Your Fingernails

Let’s be completely honest about this one—and as much as you may not believe it, men do notice your nails.  They will notice the shade of nail polish you have used, how long they are, if you bite them or if they have dirt under them.  Also note, certain colors of nail polish can scare a man away, as do extremely lengthy or flashy nails. 

Having well-kept and well groomed nails speaks a lot about you and lets him know you take care of yourself; however, if you have a $200 manicure and are afraid of touching your silverware due to the fear of it chipping away, he’s going to think you’re too high maintenance and pass over you.  On the contrary, if you have chipped nail polish or colors that are so faded it looks like you haven’t changed them in weeks, he’s going to assume you don’t care about your appearance and pass on you as well.  Nail polish is something that is up in the air, but one thing you can never go wrong with is having clean and well-groomed nails.

There are many things men notice about you from the very first hello, things you must pay attention to if you want to be successful in the dating world.  It’s very important you keep yourself clean, well-groomed, and always pay attention to your manners. 

If you’re struggling to meet quality men who are compatible with you, contact the matchmaking team at Pittsburgh Singles.  They’ll only introduce you to relationship-minded men who fit the criteria you’re looking for in a partner.

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