Pittsburgh Matchmaking Service Reveals Relationship Killers Men Must Avoid

Pittsburgh matchmaking service, Pittsburgh Singles, reveal effective ways to handle attraction in your relationship. 

Everyone on dating blogs is talking about attraction…  How can a man attract a good woman to their life or how can a woman attract a nice man into hers?  But what if someone doesn’t feel attracted to their partner anymore?  What happens next?

Come to think of it, have you ever taken a closer look at yourself to see if the issue of attraction you’ve been talking about and dealing with lately is you?  Is there something wrong on your end?  Well, you must know you will not be able to fix it until you handle the underlying issue.  There are so many things that can get you distracted in your relationship and destroy the attraction you have with your partner—some are external things, which are not very difficult to handle, but local Pittsburgh matchmaking services explains that the most difficult to handle are the ones inside.  They are within you and it takes a long time to get them under control. 

As a man, you should know how to avoid these relationship killers.  If you cannot get rid of them you’ll continue to lose the attraction in every relationship you get into, warns Pittsburgh matchmaking service.  Yes, sometimes it’s easier said than done, and it takes time for you to be able to do it, but when you do it, you’ll know that it was definitely worth it—your relationship will be stronger and healthier.

So get ready as the dating and relationship experts from local Pittsburgh matchmaking service, Pittsburgh Singles, review the biggest attraction killers in a relationship and what you can do about it.

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Being Too Controlling

Men have a natural tendency to want to be in control of everything, and if you take a look at different areas of your life you will see this is evident.  You will notice the way you talk to people, the way you act at work, and how you handle everything—for men it’s all about being in control of everything.  This controlling behavior, as good as it can be to other aspects of your life, will not be good in your relationship.  Of course you are the man of the relationship, the head, but that doesn’t flow anymore.  You are both equal and no one is superior to another—something you must remember if you don’t want the attraction to go away.  With that being said, Pittsburgh matchmaking experts suggest you do a little checking of yourself and your relationship—to ensure you’re not too controlling.  In any relationship in which a man is too controlling, they are bound to lose attraction and kill the relationship.

No matter how romantic a man can be, the woman can only pretend for so long as she will not be attracted to you like when you first started dating.  What you need to do here is learn to let go of your bossy behaviors; otherwise you’re going to lose the woman you’re with right now.

You Allow the Woman to Lead

Another crucial area in which you must pay close attention to, if you want your relationship to succeed, is not allowing your woman to always take the lead.  Take a look at the words closely—we’re not suggest that you should never let your woman take the lead.  What this means is that you should be at the front of the leadership in your relationship.  This doesn’t mean you must be in control of everything—which will take us back to bullet point number one—but of course men are the leaders so take action in your relationship, but don’t be the only one making the decisions.  Your woman can add her input, but you need to harmonize everything and supervise how everything goes.

If you are letting your woman take the lead on everything (including having to be the one to take initiative on planning all the dates), you are not being a man of action.  You will eventually be like a houseboy to her because you don’t have any input in your relationship.  Your role as a man has been taken away and there is no way she can be attracted to you anymore being that she is the one doing all the work.

Being Disrespectful

This isn’t that simple for men to understand.  The truth is, no one likes to be disrespected, especially in a relationship.  Even though you are supposed to be the leader, that doesn’t mean you should treat your woman with disrespect or be rude to her because that will kill the attraction in the relationship.  Treat her the same way you like to be treated—it’s just as simple as that, explain the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.

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Putting Your Partner under Pressure

This rule applies to both partners.  You can never be attracted to someone if you put them under pressure.  So men, take this as a personal note and never try to put your woman under any kind of pressure.  A very good example of this would be constantly monitoring her activities, trying to know everything she does outside of the house, or trying to look at her personal messages and phone calls.  Let her be—she has a life of her own.  If you are constantly putting her under pressure, the attraction both of you had will go out the window without question.

Being Too Predictable

When a man becomes too predictable, it means a woman will be able to know his every move and that means he will not be intriguing anymore.  Such men will be considered boring, someone who has nothing new to bring to the relationship.  Pittsburgh matchmaking service suggests you ask yourself a question as a man: would you be attracted to a woman who is boring?  The answer is obvious and it’s no.  Your partner might have been attracted to you at the beginning, but once you become boring they will lose all the attraction.  So men, it’s time to spice things up, come up with different and romantic date ideas, send her romantic messages to keep her thinking of you.  This will keep the attraction flowing in your relationship.

Any relationship that is lacking attraction is bound to come to an end at any given time.  So start working on your attraction today and put the above tips from local Pittsburgh matchmaking service into practice. 

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