Pittsburgh Matchmaking Team Takes on Breakups

Pittsburgh matchmaking service, Pittsburgh Singles, reveals the truth about breakups and how you overcome one and successfully heal and move on with your dating life. 

You Will Feel Pain

Take it as a given that after you experience a breakup you will feel pain.  Depending on how long your relationship was the pain will be short term, if not, medium term, but everyone has different ways of handling pain and the longer the pain lasts it could be due to the length of the relationship.  Breakups are not supposed to be fun or easy, yet many people expect them to be.  Most women are usually the ones that are left struggling with a breakup as they have a hard time letting go, which makes them vulnerable to wanting to get back together, which will take us to the following point.

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Breakups Cause Pain, But It Doesn’t Mean You Should Get Back Together

When you are in a relationship, even if it has a lot of problems, depending on your mindset, it could give you hope—even if you know you shouldn’t be in it.  When you break up, suddenly you feel lonely and all the sudden it could make you want to get back together.  People don’t like change, and a breakup brings exactly that.  You might not be equipped to handle these types of changes and might not be able to move on from your previous relationship.  This is when people start thinking “This is so painful, it must mean we were destined to be together forever.”  The problem with thinking like that is that it could cause you to do something you shouldn’t do—like getting back with your ex.  But the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts encourage you to realize that pain isn’t love.

Don’t Ever Break Up Just to Make Up

Some people like to break up with their partners because they think it will get them going… Don’t ever do this.  Not only are you manipulating your partner, but it could also end up backfiring on you.  Don’t do it… and threaten your partner to do it. 

On the other hand, some people like to break up just to hang on to the hope that their absence from their loved one will make them want them more.  The problem with this scenario is that one partner could end up moving on with their life while the other one is standing still.  Can you guess which one you will be?  The reality is that when you do break up you should be serious about it and do it with the right intentions.

Jumping into the Dating Game Too Soon Is Never Good

While some people like to hide away after a breakup, some like to jump immediately back into the saddle.  The Pittsburgh matchmaking team knows that in order to jump back into the dating world you must be healed from your previous relationship.  Carrying baggage from your previous relationship isn’t attractive or fair to your new partner, especially when they’re looking for a serious relationship.  And while you might think it’s clever to date around, you’re picking up some bad dating habits. 

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You Can’t Be Friends, At Least Not Right Now

You might want to be friends with your ex because you’re holding hope to get back together… If it’s them that proposes the friendship, give it a little while to agree. 

You Must Talk about Your Feelings

Even if it’s hard for you to talk about your feelings with other people, it is very important for you to do so, especially when you’re grieving.  Knowing that others know how you feel will make you feel less alone, but it will also help with your healing process.  If you don’t want to talk to anyone, fine.  But at least write out a journal with all your feelings so you have a healthy outlet to release them.

You Need to Remind Yourself There is a Future Ahead

When you commit to a partner you create many hopes and dreams for the future, and because of the breakup, it’s hard to see these dreams go down the drain. During the grieving process, the Pittsburgh matchmaking experts encourage you to remind yourself there are still plenty of things you can accomplish in your future on your own or with someone new.  So remember that your new hopes and dreams will eventually replace the ones you had with your ex.

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Support Will Be Needed

When you consider reaching out for help, choose wisely.  Surround yourself with positive people who support you.  It is important that you’re honest with them about what you’re going through.  If reaching out to others doesn’t come natural to you, then you might have to seek professional help.  The most important thing you can do is have an outlet where you feel comfortable to open up.  Maybe you have lost all your social networks due to your relationship so you are going to have to make an effort to meet new people.  You can do this by joining a class or an activity around your community. 

You Must Take Care of Yourself

A breakup is a highly stressful life changing event.  When you’re going through such an event it is important to still take care of yourself.  So make time to nurture yourself daily—go for a walk, enjoy some music, and relax with a hot bath.  Pay attention to your needs—and it’s okay to indulge yourself in certain things. 

You Must Learn the Important Lessons

Any time there is a crisis, there is an opportunity to learn and grow from it, reminds the Pittsburgh matchmaking team.  Just because you feel empty right now doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.  Consider this a period of time out—a time to grow into a better person.  You can emerge from that experience a better and stronger person if you choose to.

You’ll need to be honest with yourself throughout the healing process.  Try not to dwell on whose fault it was or your mistakes—as you look back on your relationship you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about yourself.  If you objectively examine your previous relationship, you’ll have a better chance of having a better and healthier relationship in the future. 

When you’re healed and ready to start sharing your life with someone new, contact the Pittsburgh matchmaking team at Pittsburgh Singles.  Their dating specialists have the experience and know how to help you move on and be successful in the dating world. 

Let Pittsburgh Singles help you on your journey of finding love!


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