Plum Matchmakers Reveal 6 Tips to Be the Best Date

Struggling to get past 1st dates? Matchmaking & dating service in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles, reveals their top 6 tips to ace your first date!

In order to be a successful dater, you must know how to date the right way, and in order to have a successful date that leaves you and your date feeling excited, you must learn some key secrets on how to be the perfect date.  Today, Plum matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will reveal 6 of their top secrets that will help you become the best dater you can be.

Dating and meeting potential partners is an important part of a single’s life, and this is especially true if you want to find a partner to settle down with.  Getting a date might be time consuming, but knowing how to behave and be a good date can be challenging for anyone.  If you want to be a successful dater, you must first understand how to be a good date.  It can really make a difference in your romantic life and how soon you will start a relationship.


How to Be the Perfect Date

Every online dating blog will tell you that in order to find someone special you must be yourself, but is that really true?  Of course it is, but not the ‘yourself’ you are behind closed doors.  You have expectations from a date and the person you’re meeting, just like the other person has expectations of you.  If by choosing to be yourself you are neglecting certain things or you’re not displaying proper manners, then the odds are against you.

How Can You Be a Great Date?

You must be yourself, but remember that a few things really matter when it comes to being a good date.  The tips brought to you by Plum matchmakers are pretty simple, but many people still seem to overlook them.  Use the following 6 tips the next time you go out on a date and you will realize how much smoother your date goes.

How to Be a Good Date for Each Gender

If you’re a man, you need to be chivalrous and charming.  To remember what this means, Plum matchmakers encourage you to remember to treat the woman you’re out with the same respect you want your sister or mother to be treated.  They deserve all your respect and undivided attention while you’re out together.

If you are a woman, allow the man you’re with to take the lead and be in charge of decision making.  Men love it when they’re in control of a situation so your job is to help him feel more like a man.

1. Stay Away from One Line Answers

It can be easy to answer your date’s questions with one word answers, but Plum matchmakers suggest you refrain from doing so; in fact, they insist you stay away from short answers.  You are out on a date so the two of you can get to know each other and find out if there is compatibility, so by only giving your date one word answers, you’re making it very difficult for them to keep the conversation flowing.  Remember that your date is doing their best to keep the conversation flowing and you should help them out by answering their questions and asking appropriate questions in return.  This will not only keep the conversation flowing, but it will show interest on your part.

2. Focus Your Undivided Attention on Them

Learn to focus on your date no matter what is going on.  If you are going to be exchanging glances with other attractive people it’s going to be very disrespectful to your date, and in doing so, your date is going to feel very disrespected and turned off.  Instead of wondering why your first dates lead nowhere all the time, start paying attention to your dates when you’re out.  And in the case you run into an old friend or coworker, try excusing yourself after a few seconds, because the last thing you want to do is leave your date waiting.

3. Don’t Answer Your Phone

Many people know this dating rule, but do you know it?  Answering the phone and having a conversation with a friend while watching your date eat their food might seem like nothing to you, but it will be very disrespectful.  Don’t answer your phone unless your profession is one that requires you to be on call.  And if that is the case, Plum matchmakers suggest you let your date know upfront.  If your phone does ring in the middle of your date and you do have to answer, try to keep the conversation as short as possible.

couple date 2

4. Don’t Talk Too Much about Yourself

There is a thin line between talking about yourself to allow your date to get to know you and doing some bragging.  Tread the line with care if you want to be a good date and make sure the evening works out in your favor.  Never go on talking about yourself in a way that seems like you’re boasting; don’t ever talk about how much money you earn, don’t talk about the BMW you drive, and don’t talk about your downtown loft.  If you do earn a good salary and it’s something you’re proud of, you need to be discreet about it; let them ask you questions, then give them answers.  Doing so will make you seem humble, not the cocky or arrogant.

5. Don’t Dress Down

Dressing in a casual way might be the perfect choice for a first date, ideas like a picnic in the park or grabbing a quick cup of Joe, but if you have booked a table at a fancy restaurant, then you need to dress the part.  Don’t ever go to a first date looking shabby or undressed.  You only get one chance to make a good first impression and you have to nail it if you want your date to remember you in a good way.  Looking great and smelling good will make you more appealing and intriguing on your first date.

6. Don’t Show Your Disappointment

Don’t show your disappointment, even if you realize mid-date that this person isn’t the right person for you.  You never know how the date could progress and you never know who that person knows or if they will end up being a good friend of yours.  Even if the date doesn’t fit your description of your ideal date, it doesn’t give you an excuse to belittle them and make them feel bad about it.  Always treat your dates with respect.

Use these helpful tips from Plum matchmakers to be the perfect date the next time you’re out with someone new.  You’ll see how exciting dating can be once you perfect your dating etiquette and behavior.

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