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Pittsburgh dating and matchmaking experts from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service explain the reasons why he has not proposed yet.

You and your partner love each other, the two of you have been dating for a few years—you live together, split the bills, his parents love you and you love them—you have a cat together and everything is basically split between the two of you.  But there is one problem, there is no ring on your finger.  Based on the way your relationship has been going, it’s clear that the next step is a proposal, but it hasn’t happened yet and now you’re feeling confused. 

Don’t worry, Pittsburgh dating and matchmaking experts from Pittsburgh Singles have some legitimate reasons why he hasn’t proposed yet.


He Doesn’t Have Enough Cash

Engagement rings can cost a pretty penny, to say the least, and if you are the type of woman who is looking to wear a big rock on her finger, then money might be the reason why he hasn’t proposed yet.  It’s not easy for a man to spend a few thousand dollars on a ring without taking a hit on his bank account and savings.

He Is Focusing on His Career

Just like you put a lot of time into the relationship, he might want to put a lot of time into his career.  Unless he has a solid position at his work or has made a name for himself, he might be less inclined to propose to you right now.  Men like having everything sorted out before they pop the big question, explains Pittsburgh dating and matchmaking experts.

He Thinks Marriage Will Change You

Guys have heard many horror stories about how women change the minute they’re married.  You might start focusing on different things, your views might even change, you might want to start a family right away, and the idea of you changing into something else might be a fear factor for him.  Sometimes, the fear of changing can be enough for him to second guess the proposal altogether. 

He Doesn’t Know Much about Parenthood

Since proposals mean a wedding, and a wedding often means raising children, your man might not be ready for that huge step yet, explains Pittsburgh dating and matchmaking experts.  And since a proposal is at the beginning of this life chain, this could be the reason he has not proposed to you yet.  Some men don’t like making such a commitment because they are unsure about parenthood.

Marriage Is Boring

Everyone loves the feeling of being involved in a relationship; there is a lot of excitement and emotions flowing—especially during the honeymoon stage.  Some men have a fear of getting bored and knowing they will have to come to terms with only being with one woman the rest of their lives—monotony is definitely a huge factor in proposing, explains Pittsburgh dating and matchmaking experts.

His Parents’ Marriage Plays a Huge Factor

Divorce has a lasting toll on everyone affected by it.  Seeing the marriage of his parents come crashing down probably plays big in his mind.  If your man’s parents’ marriage wasn’t successful, it might make him think twice about getting married.  The past could easily hold your man back from popping the question.

He’s Afraid of Losing His Dreams

A lot of men have the idea that when they get married all their dreams will go out the window.  In their heads, they believe that once they get married children will soon follow and they’ll have no time for themselves.  Your man might have a lot of aspirations and dreams he wants to accomplish before he ever gets engaged with you.

He’s Not into Weddings

After a proposal, a wedding is soon to follow, and while every woman loves that idea, not ever man does.  For some men, a wedding can be a huge turn off, a major expense, and quite frankly, a giant pain in the rear.  Let’s face it, weddings are mainly exciting for the brides.


He’s Afraid of the Extra Commitment

We all know how fearful men can be of commitment, and even though your man has clearly been committed to you for the course of your relationship, becoming his fiancé takes things up a notch.  To put it in simple terms, proposing means the commitment to you will be much greater.

He Doesn’t Know How to Ask You

From the outside, a proposal might seem simple—he buys you a ring, gets on his knee, and asks you a question, right?  But for a guy, the proposal must be unique—something he tells you and says to make you melt and even cry.  And because of this reason, some men are completely clueless about how to propose to a woman.  Give him a little time and he might come up with the best proposal you could ever ask for.

He Might Not Think You Are Ready

Though some guys already know it, your man might not think you’re ready to take the commitment to the next level, explains Pittsburgh dating and matchmaking experts.  He might think you’re too focused on your career or that you’re too busy with your life in general.  An easy remedy for this would be to have a conversation with him and decide on what timeline would be best for the two of you.

His Finances Are Not Stable

Maybe he doesn’t earn too much at his work, maybe he just switched careers, or maybe he has a lot of debt to pay off, but whatever the case might be, the reason he’s not proposing to you might be in part due to financial reasons, explains Pittsburgh dating and matchmaking experts.  Some men like to have a lot of cash before proposing, so who knows, maybe after he gets his finances in order, he’ll surprise you with a proposal.

He Doesn’t Think It’s Necessary to Make You His Wife

This pill might be a little hard to swallow, but some men are content with just having a girlfriend and they don’t see the point in taking it up to the next level.  Since the two of you have been dating for years, your man might be comfortable with this situation and doesn’t want to change anything.  If this is the case, then you might want to reconsider your relationship—especially if marriage is something you see in your future.

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