Professional Pittsburgh Matchmakers – Signs a Single Man Likes You

Pittsburgh Singles, a personal matchmaking service in Pittsburgh, reveals helpful signs a man is into you.

Is a certain man in your life giving you mixed signals?  Are you trying to figure out whether he likes you or not?  Are you too afraid to go up to him and ask him?  If so, the professional Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will review a few signs a man likes you—signs to put your mind at ease.

It isn’t always easy to tell whether a man is into you or not.  A lot of times, women like to play the waiting game and hope for the best, but there are other times when a man likes a woman but he’s too scared to let them know or isn’t ready to make the move himself yet.  And while a few men out there are very nice to their female friends, there is a thin line between being nice and being interested, and today professional Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles will review the most common signs to watch out for.


He Remembers All the Small Details about You

Was he was one of the first people who wished you a happy birthday?  Does he remember your favorite flavor of cake or how you like your coffee in the morning?  When a man remembers all those small details about you, then he is definitely interested in you.  Most men don’t have much of an attention span and they’re not fond of small details, but if this man you’re wondering about can remember things you told him weeks or months ago, or even better, something you don’t even remember ever telling him, then he is definitely paying close attention—because you intrigue him and he’s interested in you.

He’s Always by Your Side

When it’s that dreaded time of month and cramps and mood swings kick in, he comes to visit you (even though most men would take off running in the opposite direction).  When this man knows you’re experiencing that time of the month, he comes over bearing chocolates, medicine, and anything he knows will cheer you up—he’ll even stay and watch a movie with you because he is interested in you as more than a friend.

Everyone knows men don’t want to be around women when they’re on their cycle—and with good reason, because women fly off the handle during this time of the month.  However, if he can put up with you during this painful and moody time, then you already know he is a good man, a keeper—and he’s obviously  interested in you.

He Suggests Not Dating a Specific Someone

Men will generally try to hook up with their female friends because they know it’s convenient and doesn’t require too much work; however, if you have any type of interest in one of his male friends yet he is adamant you do not hook up with this person, then this man not only respects you, but he is also interested in you.  If this man likes you, he is doing anything in his power to keep you just for himself.

He Gives You Random Gifts

Flowers, chocolates, and even your favorite music—you name it, he has given it to you.  If he thinks about you enough to surprise you with a gift for no reason at all, then it’s safe to say he is interested in you.  Now, when a man gives a woman a gift for a special occasion, that could just be a kind and friendly gesture, explains professional Pittsburgh matchmakers.  However, if he surprises you at work with a box of chocolates and/or flowers, then you can rest assured he is definitely interested in starting something with you.

He Cleans His Place for You

Okay, this one can be a little tricky.  If a man has a woman coming to his place, generally speaking, he will do his best to make the place a little nicer, a little more appealing (You know, cleaning up a little bit and getting rid of any odors).  But if you have been his buddy for a long time, he most likely won’t even bother trying to clean up the mess because he considers you one of his friends, one of the guys, someone who accepts him for being himself.  So the pizza box on the kitchen counter and the cans of soda overflowing in the trashcan won’t even matter if you’re just considered a good friend.  On the other hand, if this guy tidies up the place every time he knows you’re coming over, especially if he lights candles or creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, then he is interested in you.

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He Refers to Other Women as His Friends

A clear sign this man is interested in you is the way he introduces you to other women.  If this guy is with other women and introduces them as his friends, then it’s because he wants to make it clear so you know they’re only his friends.  Why?  Because he wants to make it obvious to you that they’re nothing more than that, just friends, explains professional Pittsburgh matchmakers.

He’s Always Clean When He’s Around You

There are a few guys out there who are naturally more inclined to take a few showers a day; however, if this guy is always very clean and well put together, especially when around you (but looks completely different when you’re not around, for example, when he’s hanging out with the guys), it’s because he’s trying to impress you and is interested in you romantically.

You Always Get Your Way

One of the clearest signs a man is interested in you is the way he treats you, explains professional Pittsburgh matchmakers.  If everything is always your way when you’re hanging out with him, then he is interested in you.  For example, if you’re over at his place and you’re the one who always gets to choose the movie or you’re the one who always chooses the restaurant when going out to eat, then you know he’s putting you above his own preferences because he’s interested in you.

Men can be very difficult to read, and often times, women have a difficult time knowing if he’s really interested or if he’s just a friend.  However, the above signs from professional Pittsburgh matchmakers at Pittsburgh Singles should help you understand that this guy has more on his agenda than just being your friend.

If you’re struggling to meet quality men in Pittsburgh, contact the matchmaking team at Pittsburgh Singles today to set up a consultation and start meeting compatible singles in the Pittsburgh area.

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