Robinson Township Matchmaking with the Ultimate Summer Dating Tips to Beat the Heat

Personal matchmaking service in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles, releases their ultimate summer dating tips to beat the hot Pittsburgh sun.

You don’t have to sweat to pursue romance this summer.  Don’t let the extreme Pittsburgh heat destroy your plans when it comes to dating.  Today, the most elite matchmaking service in Pittsburgh will review some helpful tips to beat the Pittsburgh heat while you keep pursuing your romantic life.

Everyone wants to be passionate, especially during the summer months, but how do you accomplish that when the Pittsburgh weather hits triple digits and your feel like your face is melting to the ground?  It’s not easy to muster up the energy to court someone with your shirt soaked in sweat, but just because the weather has reached the triple digits doesn’t mean you need to stay at home in the comfort of your AC.

Today, the elite dating service, Pittsburgh Singles, and their team of dating experts will provide you with some helpful dating tips that are guaranteed to keep you cool during those hot summer months.


Date During the Right Hours

Now is the time to take your date out during the early morning hours for coffee and dessert.  During the morning hours, the weather will be a lot cooler, making you both more comfortable during your date.  If you are taking your date out for an outdoor type of date, avoid making plans between 10am and 2pm because that is when the sun will be at its strongest point.

Watch a Movie

When the heat reaches its peak, a movie date becomes attractive because you’re indoors with AC and cold drinks.  And as tempted as you may be, Robinson Township matchmaking experts don’t suggest it for a first date.  A movie date on a hot summer day is a great idea for two people who already know each other, but it doesn’t provide the proper atmosphere to get to know someone on a first date.   On the other hand, if you’ve been dating someone for a while, a movie theatre is a great place to cool down during a hot summer day.  You can even watch a double feature while you wait for the sun to calm down.

Dinner Date?  Avoid Spicy & Hot Foods

No one wants to eat a hot soup or a spicy dish when it’s over 100 degrees outside.  Robinson Township matchmaking experts suggest sticking to summer foods such as salads, ice-creams, and refreshing dishes and desserts—things you know will keep your temperature down.

Visit a Pittsburgh Ice-Skating Rink

It doesn’t matter if it’s July, August, or September, there is always an ice-skating rink open.  Act as though you were in the middle of winter by bringing along hats, gloves, and everything you’ll need.  This is a great date idea, especially if you are not that skilled at ice-skating because it will give you a chance to get close together.  Plus, you’ll get to beat the scorching Pittsburgh sun.


Did Someone Say Pool?

Pool parties and water theme parks are a great way of getting to know each other better while beating the sizzling summer sun.  Of course not everyone will be okay with showing that much skin during a first date, but if you already know your date and they are okay with it, this will be a great date to keep cool while having the ultimate summer fun.

Enjoy Something Icy

Heading out for ice-coffee or a frozen treat is a great way to keep cool during the hot summer months.  Nothing screams summer like a colorful frozen treat, but don’t slurp it all down in one sip or you’ll risk getting the dreaded brain freeze!

Dress Comfortable for Your Dates

The middle of summer is not the time to wear a heavy suit, sweater, or anything too constricting.  You need to wear clothes that allow you to breath, such as cotton and linen.  Men, go ahead and wear shorts on dates if you’re heading out to something casual.  When it’s so hot outside like it’s been this summer, you need to do whatever you need to do to stay cool and comfortable so you can have a good time.

Buy the Right Hair Products

Summer is the time to try new hair products, especially if your hair is prone to frizz or if it makes you sweat a lot.  For men, the right wax can make a huge difference in keeping you fresh.  For ladies who have a lot of hair, it is suggested to put it in a ponytail or bun.

Always Shower Before Your Date

Going from work to a date might be acceptable in the winter months; however, during the summer, it’s always best to freshen up a little.  This will help you freshen up mentally and physically, explains Robinson Township matchmaking experts.  Shower with cooler water, use talcum, and don’t forget to apply deodorant.


Look for Indoor Versions of Outdoor Dates

Many date activities might seem off limits during the hot summer months, but you can redo them indoors.  Examples that comes to mind are rock climbing, concerts, and mini-golfing.  There are plenty of great dates that can be done outdoors and indoors, and during summer months, these types of indoor dates will help you beat the summer sun.

Drink Plenty of Water

Regardless of where you go in the summer, you should always bring a couple of cool waters with you, but this is especially true when going on a date.  Remember, there is nothing worse on a hot summer day than ending up feeling dehydrated! You want to be upbeat and energized when going out on dates.

Eating Outdoors?  Call Ahead

If you are looking to take your date to an outdoor restaurant, call ahead and make sure they have shaded seated areas, mosquito nets, etc.

Visit a Local Gallery

Most museums and art displays have to be kept at a cool temperature in order to protect the art work, and this makes it a great place to go out when you’re looking to beat the hot summer days (you know, the ones where you can fry an egg on the sidewalk).  Plus, places like this are often free or low cost if you happen to be on a tight budget.

Use the Heat as Conversation Topic

If you happen to be tongue-tied during your first date and are looking for a topic of conversation to save you, you can always use the heat in your favor.  This can also give you the advantage of planning a second date.

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in the Pittsburgh area, contact the matchmaking team at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service today and let them make dating fun and enjoyable this summer!

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