Scott Township Matchmakers Reveal the Real Reasons You Date the Wrong People

Matchmaking service, Pittsburgh Singles, serving Scott Township reveals the wrong types of people to date when you’re looking for love and commitment.

Does it feel like you keep dating the same person time and time again?  Today, Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will review some helpful ways to get your life back in order so you can finally meet someone special, someone to love and settle down with.

Some patterns are great to have, like going to the gym every Saturday morning, but others are not so good, like waking up every Sunday with a hangover.  Then there are other habits that can impact your life in worse ways, such as falling into a bad dating pattern over and over again without even realizing it.  Of course he or she will have different a different style, different interests, and even a different job than the last person you dated, and each new love interest looks different from all the people you dated in the past, but he or she comes with the same level of immaturity, problems, and issues like your exes always had.

If you are not able to tell the keepers from the ones you should pass on, you’re not alone.  Today, Scott Township matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will reveal why this may be happening and they give you helpful advice for what you can do to turn things around in your romantic life.

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Reason #1: You Have a Weird Belief about Love & Dating

Relationships are places of habit and familiarity, so you date people who are familiar to you.  If you believe everyone you go out on dates with is going to be unfaithful, not surprisingly, there is a good chance you will choose someone who is unfaithful.

How to Let Go of This Bad Habit: Date outside Your Type

Scott Township matchmakers recommend looking for partners outside of the type you dated in the past.  Are there lots of partners in your past that remind you of a negative stereotype you believe about a specific gender?  Next, try to visualize the connection between your early family life and the way your dating history plays out.  Did one of your parents cheat on the other and now you date people who cheat on you?  Then, finally, the fun part comes, and this is the part where you get to go out on a lot of dates.  Start dating outside your usual type.  Breaking a bad dating pattern is essential for personal growth.  At first, it might be discomforting, but that’s okay, because once you’re over that point, only good things will happen.

Reason #2: You’re Always Trying to Rescue Someone

This bad dating pattern can sometimes be more predominate in men’s relationships rather than women’s, but it does affect both, either way.  The rescuer is the type of partner who only dates a person in need of being saved; saved from financial problems, family issues, or other setbacks in their life.

How to Let Go of This Bad Habit: Stop Trying to Fix Everyone

Having an ‘ah ha’ moment can hit you at any time, but you can make the process go a lot faster by taking steps to change things going forward.  If you know you always go for needy women who are struggling with financial problems or family issues, stop it.  You don’t have to be the Prince on the white horse to fix everyone’s problem, explains Scott Township matchmakers.  If you get involved with someone only because of problems, the relationship will revolve around the problems rather than equal partnership, and at the end, you’ll be back to square one, single and having wasted a lot of time and efforts in your life.

Reason #3: You Don’t Think You Can Do Any Better

Michelle Knox had a tendency of always going for bad boys, you know those selfish jerks who used her all the time.  The thing is, those people who always go for the bad boys always end up right back to square one, and unfortunately, these people are usually facing self-esteem issues.  If this sounds like you, then you need to realize that you do deserve better and you shouldn’t settle for less.

How to Let Go of This Bad Habit: Know Your Worth & Don’t Settle for Anything Less

If you want to be able to find a partner, then you need to know your self-worth.  Stop settling for anything that comes your way and don’t date anyone just because.


Reason #4: You Only Attract Jerks

Maybe the reason you keep dating the same person time and time again, is because they are the only one that keeps chasing you romantically.  The truth is, the people you attract are attracted to you based on the energy you put off.

How to Let Go of This Bad Habit: Change the Way Others View You (Especially when out in public)

Scott Township matchmakers know that if you are not attracting the right type of people, it might be time to change your attitude and energy.  Until you consciously take a deep look at who you are and make a committed effort to change for the better, you will keep attracting the same partner time and time again.

Reason #5: Your Ideal Partner Belongs in a Hollywood Movie

You only date men who are six foot tall, you only date women who are blonde and thin, and you won’t date anyone who doesn’t fit that role.  Or maybe you’re looking for a childfree partner who loves dogs and works out every day of the week.  While there is no harm in wanting Mr. or Ms. Right to be perfect, wanting ‘perfect’ might be making you miss out on great opportunities without you realizing it, explains Scott Township matchmakers.


How to Let Go of This Bad Habit:

When you are looking for potential partners, you need to make sure your expectations are reasonable.  Coming into the dating world with the right expectations and being flexible will help you meet the right partner and hopefully build a long lasting relationship.

If you’re struggling to meet quality partners in Pittsburgh, contact the matchmaking team at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service to set up an in person consultation today.  Your personal matchmaker will take time to get to know you, your dating history, and everything you’re looking for in a partner, and only introduce you to compatible singles who fit that specific criteria.  What are you waiting for? Call them and change your romantic life today!


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