Self-Respect in Relationships: By Pittsburgh Matchmakers

Self-respect plays a huge role in relationships as well as your own happiness, but can you tell the difference between giving in and losing your self-respect?  Find out with the Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles today!

Everyone has heard this line before… In order for a relationship to be successful, there needs to be understanding and compromise—and that is 100% true, but love works best when two partners understand each other and are willing to compromise for one another.  If you give in while your partner does all the taking, no matter how much you compromise, the relationship will never be successful—and that’s where self-respect comes into play, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.  Self-respect can make a relationship a lot better; after all, having respect for each other can make you feel worthy of each other. 

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The Meaning of Self-respect

It is very easy to confuse having self-respect with having ego, and these two phrases are not that different.  Self-respect is how much you respect yourself, while ego is how much you value yourself.  Self-respect comes first, because when you respect yourself you believe in yourself.  After that comes your ego, which helps you realize how important you truly are.  If you don’t have any respect for yourself, you don’t have ego and you definitely will not be equal to your partner—or anyone else for that matter.  You will tell yourself you’re worthless and have no respect for yourself, which isn’t healthy for a relationship or your life in general.

Self-respect Will Undoubtedly Make You a Better Person

If you start respecting yourself you will believe you’re worthy as a person—and when you feel you’re worthy, you will feel like you deserve the best (in life and in love).  When you respect yourself, you demand respect (from your partner and everyone around you), and because of that, people will respect you more too, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers.

Do you do whatever it takes for your partner and go out of your way for them?  Do they do the same for you?  If you bend over backwards for your partner but they will never do the same for you, you have no self-respect because you’re letting your partner use you.  If you were to have self-respect your partner would respect you and that’s the first stepping stone to a happy and healthy relationship.  After all, if a relationship has no mutual respect, it’s never going to survive, explains Pittsburgh matchmakers. 

Start Believing in Yourself

If you believe in something or don’t feel comfortable doing something, don’t let anyone change your opinion, especially when they can’t give you a good reason why.  Are you afraid to lose your partner if you go against what they say?  Do you think you will hurt them if you don’t do something for them?  What you need to do is start taking a stand for yourself.  As taken back as your partner might be at first, they will start taking you more seriously because they will notice you have started respecting yourself. 

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How Did You Lose Your Self-respect?

Even people who have a lot of self-respect can end up losing it.  It always starts when a partner puts them down, especially if it happens in front of other people.  If your partner makes you feel dumb, it’s because they are trying to undermine you and take control of you.  When you start to feel like your partner is better than you that’s when you start to lose your self-respect, and Pittsburgh matchmakers know it’s at this point where you will do whatever it takes to feel deserving of their affection again—not good.

Things That Happen When You Begin to Lose Your Self-respect

When you are the partner that gives more in the relationship you will begin to lose your self-respect, and with time you could become a clingy partner.  Below are a few situations that could happen because of your loss of self-respect. 

You Will Lose Your Voice

Decisions in your relationship will begin to take place without your approval.

You Will Become a Puppet

Your partner will string you along mainly because your partner believes you have nothing of value to add to the relationship.

Your Partner Will Not Take You Seriously

You could end up feeling like an object in your relationship because your opinion doesn’t matter to your partner—they don’t take you seriously.

Your Love is One-sided

Instead of feeling equal love in your relationship you will start believing your partner deserves a better person than you.

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Your Love Dissipates

Your partner will start believing they deserve someone better than you—and Pittsburgh matchmakers know this is because you don’t think you’re good enough yourself.

Do You Think You Have Lost Your Self-Respect?

You might not notice, but in reality, you might have lost your self-respect already.  And if this is the case, you’re going to have to ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do you feel like you give more in your relationship?

2. Do you feel like you have to take everyone’s problems and put yours on the backburner?

3. Do you think you have to help someone because otherwise they will get offended? 

4. Does your partner do the same things for you that you do for them?

5. Does your partner value someone else’s opinion better than yours?

Experienced Pittsburgh matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles suggest you ask yourself the above questions because the answers should help you realize how your partner treats you… And instead of being miserable about it, it’s your job to put an end to it and regain your self-respect. 

Simple Tips to Regain Your Self-respect

Self-respect can definitely be obtained after you lost it, but your first step is believing in yourself.  If you feel you lost your self-respect due to your flaws, then it’s time to start working on them.  Read on as Pittsburgh matchmakers review a few helpful tips to regain your self-respect.

1. It will take time.  What you need to do first is make up your mind and get ready to become someone new.  If it takes cutting a few people out of your life who don’t respect you, then let it be.

2. Be ready to fight back.  The people who will fight you will be the people who are trying to manipulate you—and they are the ones who caused you to have low self-esteem.  Anyone who truly loves you will be happy to see you happy and have self-respect.

3. Put your foot down.  The easiest way for someone to start taking you for granted is by you constantly giving into them.  Don’t let anyone test your boundaries, learn to say no when you need to.

4. You are very important.  You need to give yourself the same importance you give your partner or anyone else for that matter.  Start focusing on your own happiness before everyone else’s.

5. Learn to believe in yourself.  Low self-respect usually starts when you begin to doubt yourself.  Pittsburgh matchmakers suggest you start to work on your flaws as that will bring confidence back into your life again. 

If you’re ready to move on and meet quality singles in Pittsburgh, contact Pittsburgh Singles today to set up a consultation.  The team of dating professionals at Pittsburgh Singles will only introduce you to successful singles who fit your dating criteria.

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