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Pittsburgh matchmaking experts from local dating service, Pittsburgh Singles, explain how to get over the ending of a fling.

Flings don’t come in one size fits all—some flings have a bit more substance than others, while some exist for sexual reasons, but regardless of the case, flings often come to an end quickly.  Depending on your expectations from the beginning, it’s quite possible you could have ended with a broken heart.  If that is the case, Pittsburgh matchmaking experts from Pittsburgh Singles will review some helpful tips to get over the heartache and move on with your romantic life.

Accept That It Ended

Before you can move on with your life you’ll need to physically, mentally, and emotionally accept that your fling has run its course.  They day you finally accept that your fling has ended, you will feel a huge weight lifting from your shoulders as well as from your heart.  There is a reason why acceptance is always the first step in recovery—and now you’ll see why. 


Get Rid of Your Ex Completely

The fling is over so it only makes sense that you eliminate any contact you have with your ex.  Take their number out of your cell phone, remove them or block them on Facebook, and get rid of any other forms of communication.  Once the fling has come to an end, it is best to cut all ties completely.  There is no need to try to remain friends or give them a second chance.  Instead, get them out of your life completely, you don’t need someone like that weighing you down.

Get Back in the Dating Game

Once the fling has run its course your position in the dating world doesn’t have to end too.  An ending of a fling is just another lesson learned, and hopefully you have gathered valuable lessons from that fling—take those lessons learned and jump back in the dating game a wiser dater.  Don’t waste your time thinking about the ‘what ifs,’ hire a matchmaker, go out on great dates, and soon you’ll find someone new.

Don’t Worry about the Whys

With any type of relationship, when it ends the first thing you’re going to do is ask yourself why.  But when a fling comes to an end, the worst thing you can possibly do is ask why—simply because with that type of relationship there is no clear answer, at least not one that is going to be satisfactory for you.  Even if your ex-fling gives you an answer, it’s not going to be what you want to hear, nor will it take the pain away, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.

Realize What It Is

Remember that relationship was only a fling.  It’s likely the two of you did not go into it with hopes of a long lasting relationship or even developing a marriage.  Even if you really liked your ex-fling and you got along well, the fact of the matter is, right from the beginning, the relationship had no foundation.  Instead, the two of you built a house on no foundation with no real expectations and that is why it crashed.

Talk to Someone

It might feel odd at the beginning, but nothing helps better than being able to speak to someone about what’s going on inside your mind.  Find a friend or family member whom you can confide in to get things off your chest.  While having a fling is nothing to be proud of, it was in the past and the best thing you can do about it now is talk about it.  Letting go of your emotions and feelings will take a huge weight off your shoulders.  If you are too embarrassed to talk to anyone, you can always write your feelings down, reminds Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.

Don’t Be a Stalker

During the early days of your breakup you’re likely going to feel angry and hurt, but as time goes on those emotions will fade away and you might find yourself being interested in what your ex-fling is up to.  When the temptation creeps in to check their Facebook activity or Twitter page, refrain—this will only put you right back at square one. 

Put the Memories in the Past

There is no need to sit around dwelling on your past fling.  No matter how good things were, now is not the time to waste your precious time and energy thinking about your ex-fling, explains Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  However you can, try to keep your emotions out of it—don’t be sad, don’t dwell on your past experience, and think of better days ahead.  Now is the time to turn around and become someone better, someone with a better knowledge of how to form a lasting and meaningful relationship.

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Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Even if the fling only lasted a month or two, there was still energy, emotions, and efforts involved so of course it’s going to sting when it ends.  You cannot expect to feel better the day after the breakup.  Instead, allow yourself plenty of time to feel sad and angry—remember, time will heal all wounds so don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to getting over it—give yourself plenty of time to heal.

Don’t Shut Yourself Off

After the end of a relationship one of the last things you probably want to do is date again; however, it’s best to allow yourself to have emotions for other people.  Being able to be compassionate and caring for a partner feels great, and when you do find the right partner, these emotions will be reciprocated.

Don’t Jump into another Relationship

You might think that a little therapy in between the sheets can solve any problems you might have, but that will only be a temporary fix, warns Pittsburgh matchmaking experts.  One of the worst things you can do is jump into another relationship after you just ended one.  You will more than likely find yourself getting hurt again, especially if your new relationship was rushed before you were fully healed and over your ex-fling. 

Once you’re healed and ready to move on with your dating life, contact Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service and let their professional matchmakers help you find quality singles who are serious about dating and settling down—singles who are compatible and commitment-minded.


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