Wilkinsburg Matchmakers – 1st Date Tips That Actually Work!

Premier dating service in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles, reveals dynamic 1st date tips for men that won’t leave you hanging!

We can hear you cringing over there.  “Oh, gosh, one more dating article about first date tips.”  This is probably the 50th one you’ve read this week.  Yes, that could be true, you might be tired of seeing generic dating advice…  Dating tips like, be polite to the staff, be yourself, and always be positive.  That advice is right, but you’ve probably heard it a million times, and that doesn’t always lead to a meaningful connection; you need matchmaking advice!  So let’s talk about something that actually works for first dates.  Are you ready?

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1. Get Close to Them

There are different levels of personal space.  When you get closer to a person it feels more intimate for the two of you.  If a woman accepts you being close to her, she will subconsciously feel more comfortable in your presence, and Wilkinsburg matchmakers know it’s that comfort that paves the way for attraction.

When you are out with her, sit near her rather than sitting across from her.  When you are sitting together on a bench, both of your elbows will be touching, or nearly touching, which is great for you.  The same rule applies for when the two of you are walking; your arms or shoulders will be grazing each other.  The key is to let her feel your presence throughout the entire date.  The worst thing you can do is sit far away, because it can cause unfamiliarity, and this unfamiliarity will cause your date to be distant.  If you treat her like a stranger, she will feel like a stranger—not good.

2. Don’t Keep Trying to Prove Yourself

So you’ve landed a date with a gorgeous woman.  You’re thinking, how do I win her over? How do I convince her that I’m what she’s looking for?  How do I not mess this up?  How do I score a second date?  Is that what you’re always thinking?  If that’s what you’re always thinking, then you’re lost.  Your desperate mind will be obvious to her.  You’ll come off as timid, needy, desperate, and you’ll put her on a pedestal and give her too many compliments.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful she is, you never want to come off as desperate or eager.  You have no idea yet whether or not this woman is for you, so stop acting like that, stop letting your mind wander.  You barely know her yet so your mindset should be like this: Who is this woman?  What are her values? What are her aspirations?  Does she have a good sense of humor?  Do we have things in common?  Things that actually matter!

Now, to find this information out, it involves less speaking and doing more listening.  Slow down, let her do most of the talking and ask deeper questions to find out compatibility.  Keep in mind that she has chosen to go out on a date with you, so she is already open to being romantic.  And, remember that you don’t have to fill every silence, you don’t have to be amazed at every story she tells you, nor do you have to agree with everything, explains Wilkinsburg matchmakers.  You don’t have to express how similar the two of you are and you should only extend a sincere compliment when it’s fitting; after all, a good compliment is better than ten fake ones.

3. Use the Date Location to Your Advantage

Don’t just go to a dinner or coffee date because that’s what most people do.  In fact, some of those dates can make it very difficult because it makes it feel like a job interview sitting across the table from each other.  Do something you’ll actually enjoy, do something that will help the date go smoothly.  Wilkinsburg matchmakers suggest doing something from the following:

  • Pick something that is fun and adventurous.  Anything that makes her laugh or creates positive emotions will relieve nerves and stress.  Examples: Arcade games, a comedy show, or go-carts.


  • Pick somewhere with the right atmosphere.  A romantic setting will set the right tone, but it must also be a calm environment that makes her feel special.  Examples: A wine tasting event, a walk along the river or park, or a local jazz lounge.


  • Choose somewhere that is easy to make contact.  Pick a venue that allows you to easily get close to her.  Examples: Karaoke, hiking, an outdoor festival or music concert.


  • Pick a venue where you are confident.  For example, if you’re great at darts, play a round of darts with her.  If you are comfortable in your own element, you will show her you’re great at something, maybe even teach her yourself.  Examples: miniature golfing, bowling, or the batting cages.

4. Make the Date a Moving One

The idea is to lead her onto an experience she will remember.  The only way the date cannot continue on is if she has something she needs to leave for later.  Wilkinsburg matchmakers know there are three main reasons why you should change venues.

  • It will create a more memorable experience.  Going to different venues will make it seem like the two of you have spent more time together.  She will also remember the journey you took her on.


  • She will be more invested in you.  People place higher value on things they invest their time on.  If she accepts your lead, she will do it because she’s comfortable around you and wants to get to know you more.


  • It allows for more privacy.  You’re probably not going to give her a kiss or talk about more personal subjects in a local Starbucks, but you will if you’re walking along the river or in a local park.

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Wilkinsburg matchmakers’ examples of dates that can continue on: A coffee date that continues onto a walk at a local park or along the river.  An arcade game date that continues onto a romantic walk at the park or onto grabbing ice-cream.  Cocktails at a local bar that continues onto a local comedy show.

If you follow these dynamic dating tips, you’ll be sure to woo and wow her on your first date.  Remember to be unique, fun, and energetic—it’s all about the venue and the vibe you put out!

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